Hope'n Door

As part of our dream to build a better world, our team has joined forces to take a rainbow of hope to care homes for the elderly during these difficult times, creating a device that allows users to open doors with their forearm, fighting the spread of Covid-19.

"Everything that joins us is greater than the distance that separates us. Together we can overcome it"

Put a rainbow on each door

The HOPE Project represents everything we can get with collaboration, solidarity and teamwork to face the current emergency.

 Since the health emergency caused by the COVID-19, our team got together and has been mobilized to join the fight all together and face to this situation that affects old persons who are the most defenceless. They have worked hard to build our current society, and now we can thanks their effort and bring them hope to their doors.

Thinking on this idea, we started working by using our R&D capacity and resources to design, develop and produce an easy set up system that would avoid the contact with hands when we open the doors. According to the information provided by the WHO, the contact with frequently used surfaces, such as a door handle, is one of the main ways of infection. We knew we had to do something.

We have launched a collaborative project for everyone who wants to take part in. There are no limits, no borders. A project from everybody and for everyone.
The HOPE´n Door designs are available for free to anyone who can produce it and who offers his collaboration to dispatch this system to nursing homes around. The idea is to bring hope to as many places as possible. Together we can do it.

Hope'n Door
Hope'n Door

Furthermore, we want this product to have a meaning and transmit a message of support that can help our seniors to keep going with faith and optimism and overcome this health crisis that affects them so much. We would like them to feel proud of our generation.

Those last days, the rainbow has become a symbol of this crisis. It means hope and teamwork despite of the situation obliges us to be distant. This idea shows up in Italy, in 1961, with the word PEACE associated to the movement called ‘Pace da tutti i balconi’ (Peace from all the balconies) and has appeared again with the COVID-19. The picture reminds that after the storm always come the peace, like a bridge that joins distance between two smiles. Spanish children have chosen this picture for drawings and remind us that Everything will be all right.

It´s the reason why we´ve included an engraved rainbow on the product representing the universal symbol of hope and the slogan “Together with you”. Because today, more than ever, it takes a very special meaning: All that unite us is bigger than the distance that separates us. We are together with our seniors. We are together with you. We are all together.

How it works?

The set up is very easy and a couple of cable ties are enough to fix the device to any door handle. In addition, thanks to its universal design it is adaptable to different models and sizes of door handle.

Download our Instructions Manual where to find the explanations to fix the device on a door handle and how to use it. Reminds to place the instructions somewhere close to the door handle to remember to everybody they need to use it with their forearm.

Do it yourself

We would like this project shows up to a maximum of collaborators. We can all be able to contribute and bring the Hope Rainbow to many nursing homes. 

Below, you can download the necessary files to make it:

Hope'n Door

3D Printing

o Hope_n_Door_I3D_rev01.stl
o Hope_n_Door_I3D_rev01.step
o Hope_n_Door_I3D_rev01.x_t

Ideal design for 3D printing with FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling). We recommend using PLA material with a fill factor greater than 20%.

Hope'n Door

Industrial scale plastic injection

o Hope_n_Door_IP_rev01.stl
o Hope_n_Door_IP_rev01.step
o Hope_n_Door_IP_rev01.x_t

Product designed for industrialization through a plastic injection molding process. Recommended material: Copolymer polypropylene.

At last, don´t forget to download the hope sticker and place it close to the door system for everybody remembers to use their forearm for opening the door. All together!

Hope'n Door

We are looking for makers

We know you are a lot of MAKERS that are involved in many different solidarity projects. We would like you to take part in this one. We have reels of PLA material for 3D printers to give for free until the stock runs out. We offer this material to give you the chance to make your own 3D printing of this device and contribute to the solidarity chain. Are you in ? Make the hope coming at the doors of the nursing homes.

One of the things that makes this virus so aggressive is its quick spread. For example, if 3 persons are infected and the 3 of them infect 3 others, and so successively, it makes this virus very dangerous and spreading so quickly. Why don't we do the same to fight it ? Let's start a chain of solidarity that permits to grow as quick as the virus and so protect our seniors with rainbows of hope.

You just have to take a picture of hope by printing a product or put a piece already printed and tag us on our social medias with the hashtag #HOPEnDoor. Let us know to which nursing home you want to send the products and will send you a reel of plastic for your 3D printer. Thus, we hope you can follow the solidarity chain and give them to the seniors of your community.

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We really would like that your printed products go to the seniors through this solidarity chain. Give your products to the nursing home you know that would need them around you. If you don´t know any and you want to participate anyway, please contact us and we´ll give you the details of the closest nursing home that required our system.

* PLA reels with thick filament of 1,75 mm and 750 gr each.

Take care of our seniors

The seniors are the weakest target face to the situation, so we want the rainbow of hope to reach the home that request it.

Are you one of them? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we´ll make our best to send you our HOPE´n Door.

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Donetec - Colabora con YOU

Do you want to collaborate in the project by donating 3D reels or by contributing with resources? Any help is welcome and necessary to make this chain of solidarity as big as possible and make the rainbows touching our seniors with hope.

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**** Project submitted to a limited stock and availability of materials.

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