All of our plastic pallets, boxes and containers solutions have been designed under a circular economy-based philosophy (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; 3R) and produced under a “Zero Waste” process.

At Naeco Packaging our mission is to become a key player in Sustainability, a concept that will undoubtedly shape company guidelines in the coming generation. The circular economy is a system organisation philosophy inspired by living beings, seeking to change a linear economy (produce, use and throw away) into a circular model, just as in nature.

Circular Economy

Circular economy

The circular economy offers a framework of long-term measures, and coherently, other mid-term steps. Among them is the already identified strategy to transform the economic model into a sustainable economy, based on a recycling society with the aim of reducing waste production and using waste for resources. To achieve this, all industry members must look for solutions and/or projects to utilise this waste.

The now obsolete linear system of our economy (extract, manufacture, use and eliminate) has reached its limits. We are beginning to glimpse the depletion of a series of natural resources and fossil fuels. Alternatively, the circular economy proposes a new societal model, which uses and optimises stocks and material, energy and waste flows. The aim is to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of resources.

Transforming one person’s waste into another person’s resource. The product must be designed to be deconstructed. Our work process manages to convert waste from other applications into raw materials for our plastic pallets, boxes and containers, the paradigm of tomorrow’s system.

Recycling is the transformation of used materials that would otherwise be discarded into highly valuable resources. It is an extremely useful way of saving energy, reducing the need for landfill, saving natural resources such as wood, and helping preserve and protect the environment. For this reason, our production scheme does not only take care of manufacturing, but also the end management of the product via the Naeco Rewind Programme. This way we avoid generating new waste and can reintroduce the material back into our production chain.

Likewise, as a socially responsible and environmentally aware company, we want our manufacturing process to also stand out for its highest standards in terms of environmental management. For this reason, our process is pioneering in the “Zero Waste” standard.

To achieve our sustainability targets, NAECO RESEARCH backs constant innovation in new recycling techniques, the creation of new materials (compounds) and new manufacturing processes, and the application of a development strategy based on eco-design.

Solutions that improve the environmental impact of our clients

Finally, our plastic pallets, boxes and container solutions, also seek to improve the environmental impact of our clients’ logistics operations via their use in the following aspects:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions in goods transport thanks to a lower fossil fuel consumption, given their lighter weight compared to other alternatives.
  • Evening out the balance between waste generated and waste recovered. Each of our solutions gives a new life cycle to waste material produced from other applications such as packaging.
  • Eliminating waste at the end of its useful life by recycling our solutions, which never end up in landfill.
  • Diminishing the carbon footprint of logistics activity by reducing the equipment needed over time, thanks to its longer life cycle compared to other alternatives.

In addition, our solutions provide another set of advantages and added value to our clients’ value chain, which you can consult here.

Naeco Nature Friendly


At Naeco Packaging, we wish to provide a real, measurable and tangible solution to plastic waste, which constitutes one of the 21st centuries greatest challenges. However, we do not want to do this from a critical perspective, rather through effort and constant innovation in techniques and solutions that can improve the impact of human activity on nature.

Our products are a great ally to the environment.

  1. They have been ECO-DESIGNED to be deconstructed at the end of their useful life to facilitate their recycling into new products.
  2. They contribute to reducing society’s plastic waste in general through a RECYCLING-based solution.
  3. They are REUSABLE pieces, contributing high added value to the logistics chain, for all kinds of applications and/or sectors.
  4. They REDUCE CO2 emissions in goods transportation, as well as the amount of equipment need over time thanks to their lengthy life cycle.
  5. They PREVENT the generation of new waste by operating within a closed recycling chain, ensuring management through the Buy-Back Programme.
  6. They have a pioneering manufacturing process and hold an official ZERO WASTE certification.
Sustainability Ecolabel

Sustainability Ecolabel

Sustainability Ecolabel

Sustainability Ecolabel

Finally, at Naeco Packaging we have pioneered the implementation of our Sustainability Ecolabel for all our pallets, crates and plastic containers in our mission to identify and measure the environmental impact of our products.
Our Ecolabel follows the requirements established by the ISO 14021:2016 Standard, with the aim of providing verifiable, accurate and non-misleading information on the environmental aspects of all our products. To this end, we have been endorsed by an external institute, which has verified the validity of all the information and symbology used in our Ecolabel.
Naeco makes available to anyone who requests it all the information and documentation relating to the procedure, methodology and any criteria used in the preparation of our Sustainability Ecolabel.