Pharmaceutical Sector

Ideal equipment for all kinds of applications in white rooms and aseptic environments.

With international healthcare systems having inherently different regulations and limitations, pharmaceutical and healthcare sector companies must shape their businesses to each market. When production, temperature control and conformity restrictions are added, among other factors, the supply chain becomes extremely complex and requires a high level of specialisation and professionalism.

As such, companies in this sector must reassess and develop their approach to managing the supply chain to address new challenges faced by the industry. Frequently, packaging areas are adjoined to the production zone, where a completely aseptic environment must be maintained. Any fragment - regardless of its size - can contaminate the pharmaceutical products; wooden pallets and other packages can contain bacteria or parasites, and can also shed splinters and dust, meaning they are not the ideal option for the high hygiene standards required by this sector.

The use of plastic logistics solutions (pallets, crates and containers) for the pharmaceutical industry, allows for the smooth running of production, storage and distribution processes, ensuring the quality of the product and process, as well as improving the logistical management and optimising areas of production plants.

Plastic Crates for the pharmaceutical industry

One of the main issues within the pharmaceutical industry is controlling and guaranteeing the logistics of medications during the last mile. Many products must be kept in specific thermal conditions. The isothermal crate ADIAPACK 0604-25-30 is an innovative product that allows the inside of the crate and its contents to remain at the correct temperature without the need for specialised refrigerated transport. Furthermore, thanks to its traceability system, conditions can be tracked and verified to ensure they are correct.

isothermal box Adiapack
"The isothermal crate design is innovative and has been conceived to revolutionise cold logistics, ensuring the product reaches its destination in optimum condition".

Plastic Pallets for the pharmaceutical industry

Moreover, the plastic pallet becomes an ally for the pharmaceutical industry. Its features make it the best solution within the logistics circuit. Both hygienic pallets (for production environments) and logistics pallets (for storage and distribution) guarantee hygiene and cleanliness. The plastic remains unchangeable in humid environments, meaning that no splinters or nails are shed, avoiding focal points of parasites or bacteria. This kind of pallet can be washed with no risk of deterioration, contributing to the hygiene of the product.

Plastic Pallets for the pharmaceutical industry
"Frequently, packaging areas are adjoined to the production zone, where a completely aseptic environment must be maintained".

Multiple types of pallets can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, depending on the logistics use:

  • Our industry clients rely on our MEDIUM range products for their logistics needs, from the production centres to distribution centres or the end client. Two of the most requested products for carrying out logistics activities between suppliers and clients are LOGIC 1208-G3and LOGIC 1210-G5. Not only do they ensure maximum process hygiene conditions, but they also optimise logistics costs, and improve order preparation activities and the reception of raw materials, whilst adhering to applicable legislation.
  • For pallets that must remain in the white rooms, the Hygiene line line is usually the most requested. Our CLEAN 1208-C3 and CLEAN 1210-C3 models are the most suitable, given the lack of opening and edges, making it easier to clean the product when necessary. Furthermore, thanks to its skates, it can be stored on a rack or shelving, and can be moved along the entire production chain. There are more reinforced versions of these products when load requirements are higher.
  • Finally, for exportation activities within this industry, in which the pallet cannot be recovered, many of our clients opt for the LIGHTWEIGHT range, such as the BASIC 1208-O9, model, which thanks to its stackable and lightweight features, is extremely cost-efficient and simplifies exportation processes, particularly as plastic pallets do not require specific treatments to comply with the ISPM-15.