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About us

We are a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team with a clear environmental vocation, working together to pursue the challenge of revolutionising the traditional world of logistics with high added value solutions.

We are united by the idea of developing and offering sustainable, ecological and low-cost solutions for the logistics of all kinds of products with our plastic pallets, crates and containers.

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How do we do it?
  • Service: Listening actively to our clients, society and the environment.
  • R&D: Innovating in the development and production of new products that reduce the environmental impact of our clients’ industrial activity.
  • Sustainability: Strengthening the circular economy through ECOdesign, a ZERO WASTE production process, and the 3Rs philosophy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

In short, steering our activity to accompany our clients and their products throughout the entire value chain, “cradle-to-cradle”:


Each day we strive to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the logistics operations of companies that decide to place their trust in our products and services.   We aim to offer an outstanding service, driven by our desire to reduce the impact of human activity on our planet, adhering to the principles of the circular economy to leave a better world for our children.

About us - Naeco
"We accompany our clients and their products throughout the entire value chain. TOGETHER WITH YOU."

At Naeco Packaging we back youth and talent as our main tool for marking the difference. We do this with our strong support for innovation, hand in hand with the highest level of customer service and the constant search for excellence, whilst always keeping our vocation of sustainability at the fore. Staying true to our principles has enabled us to find our market niche and has made it possible for us to now enjoy our position as a recognised name in the sector. This allows us to commercialise our products around the world.

We believe in the circular economy as a new model that is already revolutionising the so-called linear economy, based on “producing, using and throwing away”, which today still constitutes the predominant model. For us, the circular economy is a philosophy inspired by nature, which aims to promote the sustainable production of goods and services whilst simultaneously reducing consumption time and the waste of raw materials, water and energy sources.

At Naeco Packaging we have always been convinced that the circular economy will be the model that leading companies will follow in the future. The industry can no longer behave as if resources were infinite. For this reason, we have tried to contribute to reinventing the production model and to create plastic pallet, crate and container projects that address some of the major challenges faced by the 21st century society.

The best team of professionals at your service
"The best team of professionals at your service"