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Naeco Packaging sustainability ecolabelling

Look for our sustainability ecolabel on all our products and reduce the environmental impact of our logistics activities with the sector’s most sustainable plastic pallets, boxes and containers.

The Naeco Packaging ecolabel identifies our plastic pallets, crates and containers with an exclusive and original sustainability index based on a 3R philosophy. For each R fulfilled by the product, it receives a sustainability “+”, with “+++” being the maximum classification on our environmental contribution scale.

What do the 3R on our sustainability ecolabel mean?

  • Recyclable: This indicates that the product has been eco-designed and can be deconstructed at the end of its useful life, allowing for its recycling and avoiding the creation of new waste.

  • Recycled: This indicates that the product has been produced from recycled materials, a feature that enables the material from other waste to be inserted back into the value chain.

  • Repairable: This indicates that the product has been designed to be repairable and that its pieces can be replaced for new ones, increasing its life cycle (and reuses) exponentially.
Can the environmental improvement of each product unit be measured?

For those products that are produced with recycled materials we can measure the actual contribution in terms of Recycling by the following parameter:

  • Equivalent recycled plastic packaging: Indicates the equivalent amount of plastic packaging (in units) that needs to be recycled to produce one unit of product.

    Note: The information contained in the Sustainability Ecolabel follows the criteria established by ISO 14021:2016.
How do we ensure that the information on our Sustainability Ecolabel is accurate?

At Naeco Packaging we want all the information we offer to be truthful and transparent. For this reason, all the data that appears on our Ecolabel comes from a rigorous study carried out in our Naeco Research Ideas laboratory and contrasted with a prestigious technological centre in the packaging sector.

The number of recycled containers in each product has been established through measurements carried out in good faith and establishing an average weight of the different types of recycled containers.

In addition, to ensure that our label meets the highest quality criteria, we have adhered to the requirements of the ISO 14021:2016 Standard. This standard ensures that the information given on labels and environmental declarations is truthful and provides guidance on their proper use.

Naeco Packaging makes available to anyone who requests it all the information and documentation relating to the procedure, methodology and any criteria used in the preparation of our Sustainability Ecolabel.

NAECO sustainability eco-labelling

Look for our ecolabel on all our products and reduce the environmental impact of your logistics activities with the sector’s most sustainable solutions .

Naeco Packaging strives to be a frontrunner and lead the way in Sustainability. For this reason, all our products display their ecological information so our users can easily find the environmental impact measurement, initiating a new labelling trend as part of our innovation commitment to the sector .