Fruit and Vegetable Sector

The most effective solution for transporting food without bacteria, infections or parasites.

The fruit and vegetable sector is perhaps one of the economic activities with the highest rate of plastic logistic solutions (pallets, crates and containers) to transport fruit and vegetables from the harvesting point to packaging plants.

The production of fruit and vegetables takes place in the fields or in greenhouses, where the products grow and are harvested.

Next the product is organised and packaged by size, colour and quality to be later stored for transport and distribution to reach the end consumer in shops and supermarkets. In most cases, plastic packaging is required, whether a crate or pallets, to store and transport these fruits and vegetables.

This sector extensively uses plastic pallets, crates and containers to offer the following advantages within the circuits:

  • Durability: logistic solutions are required from harvest to when the end product is distributed. Therefore, the pallets and containers used for field collection must be optimum for handling in the worst conditions.
  • Hygiene: crates, pallets and containers or pallet boxes can be washed, guaranteeing the hygiene of the packaging and therefore of the products they contain. We must consider that at many points in the circuit, the bulk product has no kind of primary or secondary packaging, meaning that the hygiene of this packaging is paramount.
  • Compliance with ISPM-15: these logistic solutions comply with the ISPM-15, meaning that unlike wood, they do not require specific treatments or certifications to contain products during exportations. This reduces risks in terms of customs goods inspections whilst also avoiding possible associated costs.

The quality of a food product, particularly fruit and vegetables, is not just determined by its source, but also by the transportation process from its harvest to display counters at the point of sale. Therefore, the utmost attention must be paid to the supply chain to ensure food is kept in perfect condition.

Plastic crates, pallets and containers or pallet boxes are ideal transportation and storage solutions, thanks to their highly hygienic conditions, and are cost efficient in high rotation closed circuits. Fruit and vegetables belong to the fresh food distribution chain, which are high-rotation products. This means that these logistic solutions spend an extremely short time in storage. This differential element means that the depreciation of the plastic crates, pallets and containers occurs quickly, enabling the different users to generate highly efficient logistics costs.

Plastic Pallets for the fruit and vegetable sector
"The utmost attention must be paid to the supply chain to ensure food is kept in perfect condition."

Plastic Pallets for the fruit and vegetable sector

Fundamentally, two types of pallets are used in the fruit and vegetable industry, depending on the logistics use:

  • Pallets from the lightweight range for exportation activity. Our clients from the fruit and vegetable sector choose our BASIC line pallets to export to the different markets in order to reduce export processes, given that no ISPM-15 certificates are required as plastic is immune to infections and parasites. This way, our clients can focus on their main activity and forget about possible incidents caused by wooden pallets. Likewise, our BASIC 1210-O9 AIR model has been specially designed for air deliveries, constituting the most convenient option for this kind of delivery, in which its light weight helps bring down transportation costs.
  • For internal logistics activities, our clients use pallets from the MEDIUM and HEAVY DUTY range, such as models from the SMART, LOGIC y EXPERT. Thanks to their high level of hygiene and low cost, they help improve the entire logistics operation. One of the most highly demanded references is the EXPERT 1210-O3 model, called field pallet, which thanks to its design, offers high resistance and a lengthy useful life, significantly reducing costs per movement.

Plastic Containers for the fruit and vegetable sector

Containers or pallet boxes are used for collection and classification processes. These systems allow the fruit to be transported in bulk from the fields to the warehouses. Our PRIME line plastic container designs are optimised to hold the maximum amount of product. The design of its sides (large volume) allow for up to 11% more product to be carried without deteriorating, reducing the number of journeys required and subsequent transport costs.

"The internal design of our PRIME line containers or pallet boxes allow for up to 11% more product to be stored and transported, producing savings in both cost and journeys made."
Plastic Containers for the fruit and vegetable sector