Automotive sector

Seeking the utmost efficiency of all players within the most cutting-edge logistics chain.

The automotive industry has historically been acknowledged as pioneering in developing major advances in terms of efficiency and productivity of its production lines and assembly chains. Many of them have later been successfully replicated in other sectors. Specifically, the automotive sector is a leader in reverse logistics solutions, where plastic pallets, crates and containers play a fundamental role.

“Kanvan” or “Just in Time” are some of the renowned work methods used in the automotive sector, which are inconceivable without the correct management of reverse logistics. Most of the pieces that are transported from suppliers to the assembly factories in the main international car manufacturers, are placed inside Reusable Transport Items (RTI). Many of these containers are made of plastic, and therefore are returned to the production centres once they have been emptied, to be loaded once again with more pieces, restarting the circle.

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"Plastic pallets, crates and containers have proven to be the most efficient option in the logistics chain, also considered the most sustainable solution.”

Plastic Pallets for the automotive industry

These are the main advantages of our plastic pallets:

  • Easy to handle when empty, as they are lighter and have no splinters or sharp edges.
  • Cleaner in processing centres as they do not shed particles on the assembly lines.
  • Easier maintenance of production positions and easier to preserve facilities.
  • Sustainable product: manufactured using recycled plastic material that can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

Depending on the logistics needs different types of pallets are used in the automotive industry:

  • The HEAVY DUTY or MEDIUM ranges are the preferred option for the internal circuits of many automotive sector companies, due to their high specifications and great durability, improving cost efficiency along the entire chain, whilst meeting the most stringent quality standards of one of the most demanding industries. Models from the MEDIUM range such as the LOGIC PRO 1208-G3 and LOGIC PRO 1210-G3, and from the HEAVY DUTY range such as the EXPERT 1210-O6, are the most requested options.
  • Likewise, many of our clients have chosen the SMART 1208-O3 pallet, with antistatic protection (ESD), to protect the most fragile electronic components.

Containers or Pallet Box for the automotive sector

These large-volume containers are used within the production process when handling small pieces stored in bulk. Thanks to the option of opening doors, the operator can access the contents inside and handle the container and its contents without the need for additional resources. Furthermore, our foldable PRIME 1210-80-C3 containers enhance reverse logistics between the different production centres, notably reducing transport costs.

"Thanks to its high capacity, the 800 high plastic container allows more pieces to be stored and sent to production centres, fully exploiting the space available. The number of pieces per delivery also increases and fewer movements are required. Being foldable reduces reverse logistics costs as they can be returned collapsed”
Containers or Pallet Box