Technical Guidance

Technologies used to produce our pallets, crates and containers

The production of plastic pallets is mainly based on recycling and injection molding, these being two fields of great technological development.

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Plastic recycling

Recycling is the transformation of used materials, which otherwise would simply be waste, into valuable resources. It is a very useful way to save energy, reduce the need for landfills, save natural resources such as wood, and help maintain and protect the environment. For this reason, our production scheme not only takes care of the manufacture but also the final handling of the product, to reintroduce the waste generated in the production chain, following the "from cradle to cradle" model.

All our products are sustainable, reusable and 100% recyclable. We are happy to be able to accompany our products throughout their entire life cycle, from production and repair, until the moment of their recycling. Check our Naeco Rewind Program.

At the end of their life, our pallets can be recycled to obtain again raw material that serves as the base to new products of our catalog. As part of our environmental commitment, we have incorporated into our process the handling of our products after the end of their life cycle.

Plastic packaging has a residual value which corresponds to the material value in market conditions less the recycling costs. We commit to pay this cost to our customers for the production of new units.

We own a recycling plant located side by side with our manufacturing plant. This allows us receiving all kind of plastic products for recycling. A large share of our products is manufactured with recycled plastic, mainly PP and PEHD. We usually manage large amount of plastic pieces that have reached the end of their life cycle to transform them into new products and incorporate it again into the logistic chain. With each of our products, we offer our recycling service to allow our customers the return of part of their investment at the end of the life cycle of our products. So we are able to ensure a sustainable cycle, minimize the environmental impact and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Injection moulding

The processes which using a thermoplastic polymer (PO, PP, HDPE) as raw material to produce a certain product are known as plastic transforming processes. This is the process mainly used for the production of plastic pallets.

In this process, the raw material is melt in a chamber by means of electric resistances and the injected with a high pressure spindle into a cold mould, in which the material becomes solid. The mould is the opened and the piece ejected.

For each different model, a new mould to be placed into the machine.