Naeco Rewards

One of the main challenges of 21st Century industry is developing applications and solutions that can transform waste into resources. For this reason, Naeco wishes to acknowledge and value all the companies that encourage the recycling of Society’s plastic waste. Every action, no matter how small, counts towards stopping plastic waste packaging ending up being thrown away in nature.

How about you? Fancy participating in Naeco Rewards?

Together we are preventing plastic packaging from ending up being disposed of in the environment. Keep Going!
The main aim of the Naeco Rewards programme is to acknowledge our clients’ contribution to help sustainability and respect the environment. By purchasing our recycled products, our clients are encouraging and contributing to the direct recycling of plastic packaging from the yellow plastic recycling container, preventing them from being thrown into nature, being buried or burned. Without their contribution, nothing we are doing would be possible.

At Naeco, we want to share this information with our clients with the mission of continuing to increase the amount of packages recycled each year, so that together we can play our part in making a world free from plastic waste. Together, we can transform our society’s waste into new resources with added value to build a better world.

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Naeco Rewards

Rewards Objective

Because there is nothing better than a challenge, at Naeco we have set an extremely ambitious one. Could we, together, manage to recycle the plastic packaging contents of 1,400 plastic recycling lorries? Follow us on the social networks and find out!

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  1. Who takes part in the Naeco Rewards?

    All our clients take part in Naeco Rewards. Every movement counts! When we are dealing with the environment, every little helps. All recycled products take us a step further towards our target of freeing the world from waste plastic.

  2. When can we find out about the Naeco Rewards?

    At the start of each year, we notify our clients about their annual contribution, the number of packages they have managed to recover through their operations, and therefore their contribution to the environment.

  3. How will I know if the product I am purchasing belongs to the Naeco Rewards Programme?

    All Naeco products are sustainable and we have classified them following criteria based on the following principles: recyclable, recycled or repairable.

    The Naeco Rewards programme is geared towards all our products being manufactured from recycled materials, i.e., the content of packages from the plastics recycling container.

    To find out if a product ENTERS INTO THE NAECO REWARDS PROGRAMME, consult the technical specification. As well as by material, you will be able to find out thanks to our Ecolabel, which can be found on each product on both the website and on the technical specifications. If the product is recyclable, the eco-label will indicate the number of packages that were recovered to produce each product unit.