Dear Friends:

Over 14 years have gone by since we first set out on this exciting project known as Nortpalet. Looking back I am particularly proud of being part of this great team that has managed to produce over 9,5 million sustainable products, processing more than 90.000 tonnes of recycled materials to efficiently meet an excess of 7.000 orders from more than 1.700 clients who have placed their trust in us across more than 40 countries.

Today, our wonderful team comprises over 70 people, united by the idea of changing the world and improving the Society in which we live using a strategy based on Sustainability, Innovation and Customer Service. This could not have been achieved without the involvement and participation of every single person that at some point has formed part of this project and managed to successfully drive forward the Nortpalet brand to become an international benchmark in the sector.

Throughout this adventure we have got to know many people that today we consider friends, with whom we have shared unforgettable moments. Thanks to you all, we have learned many things that have allowed us to grow both professionally and personally. They have also been years of hard work; times that we have faced with perseverance, proximity in our relationships, and our capacity to evolve, reinvent ourselves and adapt to change creatively and constructively.

Today, our environment has changed, and so have we. The product has moved into the background and corporate social responsibility has taken centre stage in the global circular economy model. In order to adapt to this industry model, we have decided to evolve and re-emerge with a new identity that encompasses all our past experience, today’s efforts, and our boundless enthusiasm and hope for the future, opening the door for NAECO.

With this bold change, we want all the work carried out as Nortpalet to evolve into a more modern, global brand, breathing fresh air into the Sector, contributing original ideas and pioneering concepts such as our Sustainability Eco-Label, or our “Nature Friendly” seal. We want to assert our steadfast determination to intensify our efforts, getting involved in a Recycling, Reuse and Reduction-based strategy, concepts that have shaped us from the very outset.

For this reason, our new name is “OCEAN” written backwards, as a firm declaration as torchbearers for change, turning around plastic waste, so instead of it ending up in landfill or in the oceans or nature, it ends up in our hands. With your collaboration we can transform it into a new product for the logistics chain (pallets, boxes and containers), giving added value to users. We aim to transform one person’s waste into another person’s resources following our integral Zero Waste process, creating recyclable products that never end up as new waste.

On 14th October 2020, we wish to write a new chapter in our history, moving from our operations under the Nortpalet brand to be known as Naeco. This change will be completely effective from 2nd November 2020, when our company name will be changed to Naeco S.L. for all relevant administrative effects. At this point we will have completely finished the transition.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of our entire team, for all the times we have spent together over these years, and to express our endless enthusiasm on the verge of this evolution, in the hope we can continue to give the very best of ourselves with you to ensure that future generations have a better world.

Many thanks.

Together with you!

Antón Fernández Gutiérrez

Antón Fernández - CEO - Naeco
"Stay focused and never give up. Great things take time.”