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Custom solutions

Occasionally, there are logistics needs that are not covered by any existing product on the market, generating the need for specific tailor-made developments. Ask us.

We specialise in developing tailor-made solutions with plastic pallets, crates and containers for large accounts or specific sectors. We are your ideal partner for transforming your ideas into solutions. We have broad know-how, experience backed by recognised success stories, an enormous production capacity and an extremely creative development team, available to start new successful projects.

Our Ideas Laboratory, NAECO RESEARCH, has collaborated with the main pool companies of crates, pallets and containers, large distribution chains and logistics operators, among others, to develop and later manufacture diverse logistics and storage elements to improve their production processes and to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. We are highly specialised in this kind of service, as they constitute one of Naeco Packaging's main competitive advantages.

We are delighted to offer our clients plastic pallets, crates and containers to start the development of new projects. We wish to generate value and make the entire distribution chain more efficient, as well as to offer our vision, experience and technology right to the successful execution of the project.

Tailor-made solutions - Naeco
"If you can dream it, we can do it” Walt Disney

From the very outset we have focused our logistics products on the high-performance range with our plastic pallets, crates and containers. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the complete quality process, in terms of the product and (above all) service. We have our own recycled plastic materials characterisation laboratory, one of the most sophisticated procedures in the sector in finished product control, and our own, unique system in the sector of traceability for all our productions.

All our products are developed under the circular economy philosophy with the aim of Reducing the environmental impact of our clients’ activity, through Reusing efficient logistic solutions and facilitating the Recycling at the end of their useful life (3R Philosophy).