Naeco Packaging

Total quality

Our work philosophy is based on three pillars: The best Customer Service, commitment to Research and Development (R&D), and environmental preservation, guaranteed with the most demanding quality controls.

In an increasingly competitive world, excellence marks the difference between the many options available on the market. That is why Naeco Packaging has set itself the challenge to produce the highest quality products and solutions that allow for measurable efficiency in the different logistics chains with our plastic pallets, crates and containers. This way, our clients get competitive advantages and lower their environmental impact.
Complete quality - Naeco

To achieve our targets, we have developed a work philosophy based on 3 fundamental pillars set on solid and steady foundations. To do this, we decided to obtain the certificates from the strictest quality controls standards available today: ISO 166002, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Our quality certifications are the foundation upon which we sustain all our innovation, customer service and sustainability activities, and along with our ZERO WASTE integral manufacturing process, they back the NAECO QUALITY integral system.

As part of our quality commitment to our clients, we hold the most universally recognised process certifications. We are currently working to expand this list.

In addition, from Naeco, to offer added value in our products, we have created the first Sustainability Ecolabel, which follows the criteria established in the ISO 14021: 2016 Standard.

Complete quality - Naeco