Raw materials sector

The raw materials industry provides ingredients, additives and derived products to food companies in sacks and big bags, achieving high load volumes

The raw materials sector’s distribution channel targets producers and processors. In this channel, the distribution of materials and other products is carried out in sacks and palletised big bags, achieving a higher load weight per unit. Whether the product is in bulk or finished, destined for the end user, pallets are subject to high loads and there is significant rotation in these circuits.

Traditional packaging can shed nails and splinters or can generate focal points of humidity that can home parasites or bacteria that contaminate the products they hold. On many occasions, above all in food settings, the resistance, hygiene and cleanliness of the pallet are essential.

Plastic Pallets for the raw materials sector

A robust pallet is required, which can store and transport high weight, ensuring the stability of the load. Furthermore, it must be washable and keep its properties intact after the different uses.

In this respect, our reference is EXPERT 1208-O3, a European pallet produced from recycled plastic and free from nails or splinters that could damage the sacks they hold. Moreover, the reinforced version (EXPERT PRO 1208-O3) allows for greater stability on the rack and safe handling of the product.

Plastic Pallets for the raw materials sector

Containers or Pallet Box for the raw materials sector

These large-volume containers are used within the production process when handling bulk products that will be later packaged. Thanks to their design, and the fact they are manufactured from virgin plastic, raw materials come into contact with the container under the strictest hygiene and cleanliness conditions. As they are made from plastic, they can be washed after each use without deteriorating the container.

As well as guaranteeing stability and holding the product in the best condition, these solutions constitute the most sustainable option as they are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. The most requested models in this sector are the MEGA 1210-78-C4 rigid containers, which thanks to their internal design, can hold up to 11% more product; and the PRIME 1210-80-C4, a foldable plastic container that is frequently used when moving raw materials between different production centres, benefitting reverse logistics by providing significant cost savings with its folding system.

"The PRIME 1210-80-C4, foldable plastic container is a frequently used solution when moving raw materials between production centres, as it benefits reverse logistics by providing significant cost savings with its folding system."
Containers or Pallet Box for the raw materials sector