Naeco Reforest

As part of our commitment to improve the world and promote changes that foster respect for nature, we are very proud to present our project Naeco Reforest, which consists of planting trees in forests each year to endow our planet with a greater capability to absorb CO2.

The concept of sustainability describes how biological systems remain productive as time passes. It refers mainly to the balance of a species with the resources of its environment. Originally, the concept was called “Our Common Future,” and the phrase that defines it in the UN treaties is as follows: “Meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations to look after their own needs”.

At present, our Society is emitting significant amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere as a result of the industrial activity that is so necessary for our development. As part of our firm commitment to sustainability, we have always attempted to imitate Nature itself as the best example of a circular system. Our planet is already equipped with natural systems for absorbing CO2 and generating the oxygen that we breathe: The forests. Nature possesses its own technology, and it is doubtless the most sophisticated technology that exists since it has been working for millions of years on behalf of the environment.

The forests perform many important functions. They are the habitat of thousands of plant and animal species, they prevent erosion of the soil, and, above all, they absorb large amounts of CO2. For this reason, it is essential that society and businesses take action to develop and protect these ecosystems that are so important for our planet.

Naeco Reforest

"Respect for the environment is the footprint
that we leave behind us in time"

What is Naeco Reforest?

At Naeco, we are completely committed to contributing to reduce CO2 emissions of Society as a whole, and we intend to do so by increasing the natural resources that our planet already has. Our forests. That is why we created the project Naeco Reforest.

This project is intended to create new forests, new spaces that remind us of the importance of PRESERVING the environment and that contribute to making the planet a better world. We want these forests to be an inheritance for future generations, and we want to observe together how each one of the trees that we plant grows.

Naeco Reforest

Our objective is for everyone to be able to participate in reducing CO2, and that is why, as part of this commitment, we dedicate part of our resources to planting new forests.

We aim to plant one native tree for each 50 tons of plastic that we are able to recycle for the manufacture of our products. In this manner, working together to plant one tree after another, we will be able to develop our forests, which help us transform the CO2 existing in the atmosphere into a new resource for all of us, O2. Help us achieve this! With each of our recycled products, we will be reducing and preventing generation of plastic waste, reducing production of CO2, and contributing to the development of new forests to reduce the CO2 already existing in the atmosphere.

As we would expect, our forests will not be dedicated to exploitation, but rather preserved in their entirety in order to guarantee that our planet has an increasing number of green spaces dedicated to improving the world.

Naeco Reforest
Where will our forests be?

As a starting point, in loyalty to our origins, the place that we have selected for our first forest is located in Asturias, in an idyllic enclave where our trees will have a view of the ocean. The forests, the mountains and the ocean… our greatest passions.

Our first forest will feature an ocean view, in the surroundings of Gulpiyuri beach in Asturias. In 2001, this beach was declared a natural monument. One of its special features is that it is an interior beach, hidden from the ocean.

Each year, we will look for new sites for planting. Follow us in our social networks to continue to find out about the progress of Naeco Reforest!

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Tiny beach, located inland
in a rustic environment
between steep hills.


Natural corners where you can enjoy the flora and fauna, relax and enjoy fascinating landscapes.

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What does it mean to plant a tree?

We are aware that, when it comes to protecting the environment, all actions count. Therefore, we are going to keep records of all the trees that we plant in order to be able to calculate our ecological footprint.

Naeco Reforest - Plant a tree
Naeco Reforest would not be possible without the collaboration of each and every one of you. You make it possible. Thank you for promoting
projects that are committed to recycling and environmental preservation.
We will achieve this together.

Together with you!