Naeco Packaging

Integral process

Following the principles established by the circular economy, we have an integral work process centred on maximising the sustainability of our solutions, covering all the phases of the life cycle of our products to offer the absolute best service.

From the very outset, our utmost ambition has always been to transform one person’s waste into another person’s resource, as well as to accompany our products “from cradle-to-cradle”. To respond to this need, we have brought together all the processes necessary under one roof to offer a global and unified solution to the transformation of waste into resources such as plastic pallets, crates or containers.

We are delighted to be able to accompany our products throughout their entire life cycle, from their design in our ideas Laboratory, to their production, right through to the end of their useful life. Thanks to our Naeco Rewind programme, we take charge of recycling the pieces to ensure a closed and endless circle, with the objective that our solutions never become waste again. To achieve excellence in sustainability, we have an audited and certified “Zero Waste” manufacturing process, and we are proud to be a pioneering company in its completion and implementation.

Infographic of the integral process
Over recent years, the sector’s trend towards recycling and transforming plastic has evolved to produce more silent, less bulky, faster machinery with a lower environmental impact and a more contained energy consumption. All this has led to numerous efficiencies in production, of which we are fully aware. For this reason, year after year, we make significant investments to obtain the latest technology, enabling us to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Our entire manufacturing process is managed by the most advanced Industry 4.0 tools to minimise the use of paper, water and energy, whilst giving us real-time process information, improving inventory and stock control and providing total traceability of both products and materials.

We have a strong and highly specialised team of professionals, a network of sales and international assistance, a wide range of finished products to minimise delivery time frames, the most advanced end product traceability and our Naeco Packaging quality guarantee.