Technical Guidance

Product customisation

Products can be customised to adapt to the corporate image of users of our solutions.

 At Naeco Packaging we want our solutions to give users the maximum value, and as part of our service, we offer our clients different customisation options
  • Engraving: Engraving consists of one or various detachable pieces engraved with a relief (fundamentally text or logo), which are inserted into the mould. Upon injecting the plastic piece, the relief is copied.
    Engravings do not have a cost per piece but a previous investment in the detachments must be made. Likewise, the engravings can only be fitted to specific parts of the mould. Engravings cannot be made on manufactured pieces, as this requires a large volume of customised production for the adjustment of the process.
  • Thermal Printing: This customization involves the painting of text, logo, sequential numbering, QR code, barcode, etc., by applying colored ink to the surface of the plastic. It is the ideal option when aiming for a highly visible brand or when 1-to-1 personalization is needed for each pallet.
  • Colour: For high-volume production and on request, the colour of our products can be customised to meet client colour requirements. This generally has an impact on the choice of material, as well as on the final cost of the product.

  • Labels: Most of our solutions have specific areas for positioning the different label types, RFID tags, QR or Bidi codes, among other elements.