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Naeco Research

We have a highly specialised team in innovation and the integral development of solutions, equipped with the most advanced technological resources and able to generate technical projects and feasibility studies

Naeco Research is our Ideas laboratory, where our technical team transforms our ideas and those of our clients into measurable and tangible realities that can be launched into the market, enhancing our clients’ processes in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

We cover all the analysis, design and optimisation phases of our projects and specialise in the categories of plastic pallets, crates and containers. We use the most prestigious design and calculation programmes available on the market with the aim of offering our clients the most advanced solutions, both on a visual design level, as well as to guarantee reliable calculations that meet the standard of their level of trust in us.

As part of our Service Commitment, our professional team members are equipped with the highest qualifications in handling our tools, regularly updating their skills to ensure they are up to date with new changes. Moreover, our entire team is aware of how ECOdesign can help ensure all our products can be completely deconstructed at the end of their useful life, adhering to the principles of the circular economy.

The material is one of the most important elements when it comes to starting a new development. For this reason, we have our own recycled plastic materials characterisation and formulation laboratory, one of the most sophisticated procedures in the sector in finished product control, and an exclusive traceability system for all our productions.

Naeco Research
"Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.” Carl Sagan

In our Ideas Laboratory we cover all the product development phases, from functional analysis right through to the implementation of all kinds of logistic solutions.


  • Polymer characterisation
  • Chemical formulation
  • Waste analysis


  • Product specification analysis
  • 3D design
  • Prototyping

and Simulation

  • Product specification analysis
  • Breakage analysis
  • Creep analysis


  • Moldflow analysis
  • Design and development of injection moulds


  • ISO 8611 standard product test
  • Customised guidance for client trials


  • Participation in standardisation committees
  • Collaboration with institutions and universities