Naeco Rewind

With the aim of preventing our products from ending their life cycle as waste, we have developed Naeco Rewind, with which we recover raw materials to manufacture new products. We are delighted to accompany our products "from cradle-to-cradle".

With the aim of involving our clients in a sustainable activity, at Naeco we have Naeco Rewind, with which we re-purchase all kinds of plastic pallets, boxes and containers at the end of their useful life to recycle and process them, obtaining new raw materials. With the raw material obtained, we manufacture new products, guaranteeing the same technical and mechanical properties as the originals.

With this initiative, any client that purchases plastic pallets, boxes and/or containers is supporting the Circular Economy with a “cradle-to-cradle” process. Together we can ensure a sustainable chain, combining our certified "Zero Waste" processes with equipment from other companies that has reached the end of its useful life.

Thanks to our integral process we are able to maximise the salvage value of all kinds of plastic pallets, boxes and containers. We are delighted to re-purchase this equipment, and officially certify its recycling and re-incorporation as new products. This way, we can guarantee that our products do not end their useful life as waste, and that our clients can recover part of the initial investment at the end of the product’s useful life.

Naeco Buy-Back Programme

"Sometimes, the end is just
the beginning of something new"

Together we can build a sustainable "Zero Waste" chain using the cradle-to-cradle philosophy based on Recycling
Buy Back Programme
If you are a company interested in strengthening the circular economy and promoting sustainability policies, get in touch with us indicating the type of product to be recycled.
Buy Back Programme
At Naeco we re-purchase these products to be recycled on our facilities using the most advanced recycling processes and our integral process transforming Waste into Resources.
Buy Back Programme
At the end of the process, we will have produced new raw materials extracted from your recyclable equipment, suitable for producing new pallets, boxes and containers, and you will have recovered part of your initial investment.

Do you have plastic pallets, boxes and containers that you no longer use?

Recover part of the investment.

What are the advantages of Naeco Rewind?



Recover part of your initial investment and get money for the re-purchase of your equipment thanks to the salvage value.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Strengthen your corporate commitment with the environment, encouraging a closed recycling chain with a certified “Zero Waste” process.

Circular Economy


Thanks to Naeco Rewind and your collaboration, we can help prevent our products from becoming waste at the end of their useful life, by transforming their materials into other products with the same qualities.



As an approved waste management company, we can certify complete recycling, as well as the reincorporation as a new end product for CSR plans.

Frequently Asked Questions
What products does Naeco Rewind accept?

Remember that to offer the same properties in the products we recycle, we must select materials that mainly contain a series of specific materials. That is why the products we can incorporate into Naeco Rewind will be those containing the following materials.


You can also recycle other waste via Naeco Rewind. If you want more information, get in touch with us.