ADIAPACK 0604-25-30

Stackable and nestable isothermal box


_ recycled packaging

  • -30º/40ºC [32º/104ºF] -30º/40ºC [32º/104ºF]
  • Closed Lateral Closed Lateral
  • Closed bottom Closed bottom
  • Handles Handles
  • Light gray color Light gray color
  • Nestable Nestable

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The ADIAPACK crate is an isothermal crate manufactured using HDPE, with adiabatic technology. It is a stackable and long-lasting solution, designed for multiple uses, and thanks to its stackable feature when empty, reverse logistics costs are optimal. Ideal for delivering frozen products, home delivery food, pharmaceutical products, chocolate, etc. Our crate reaches maximum performance when the transported products are loaded at the ideal conservation temperature.

As they are in an internal atmosphere and the products at the same temperature, the technological insulation used prevents any interaction with the exterior, reducing temperature loss to the extent that refrigerated vehicles are not necessarily essential for transport and delivery.

Technical data

ReferenceAvailable MaterialsExternal DimensionsInternal DimensionsweightVolume
ADIAPACK 0604-25-30
-30º/40ºC [32º/104ºF] -30º/40ºC [32º/104ºF]


ReferenceClassificationRecyclableRecyclingReparableRecycled packaging for manufacturing
ADIAPACK 0604-25-30
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Adiabatic isolation
Handles for optimum handling

Logistic data

Reference20'40'40' HC45'
ADIAPACK 0604-25-306801.4281.6802.0802.0802.3922.760


Customizable colour
RFID tags
Silkscreen logo
Traceability service

The values indicated are indicative, and are based on practical experiences such as ISO tests with a standard load, uniformly distributed, compact and stable, homogeneously distributed and properly consolidated, for a specified time at room temperature (20ºC [68ºF]). Different load conditions produce different values that have to be checked at the customer's request. Any deterioration or breakage in the product may vary these results.

Due to the intrinsic characteristics of recycled material, the dimensions and weight of the products may present tolerances.
Dimensional tolerances according to DIN ISO 2768-V. Weight tolerances: +/- 4%.

- Naeco reserves the right to modify any information herein indicated without prior notice.

- The specifications can be affected in case of alteration of the product with parts and / or materials different from those approved by the Naeco quality department. Any warranty, specification or liability on the part of Naeco will be terminated in case of modification of the product with spare parts not supplied by Naeco.

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Technical Sheet

-recycled packaging


Technical Data

External DimensionsInternal DimensionsStacked HeightFolded HeightWeightVolume

Logistic Data

20" 40" 40" HC 45" Tauliner Mega Jumbo
  • Adiabatic isolation
  • Handles for optimum handling
  • Long-lasting
  • Customizable colour
  • RFID tags
  • Silkscreen logo
  • Traceability service
Closed Lateral Closed bottom Handles Light gray color Nestable