Why does the size of the plastic pallet matter in your business logistics?

Published on 2019-06-18

In this case, the size does matter, and especially the height of the pallet. Naeco, previously Nortpalet, has developed a solution for high consumption logistics circuits, where repairability and optimized height are combined, resulting in a reference that represents a series of advantages in this channel. Do you want to know what we propose to you?

Height Optimized Repairable Plastic Half Pallet.

It is a plastic pallet measuring 800x600, commonly used in store logistics or to mount displays, among others. This type of plastic pallets improves the visual impact of the product on the shelf and the user's shopping experience in the store, giving important support to sales and increasing them.

A plastic pallet compared to other materials, preserves its shape and visual appearance, remaining unalterable in shape and size, maintaining its color.

This pallet is an optimal solution for working in humid conditions, if necessary, or for cleaning with water. Free of parasites and bacteria, it does not require phytosanitary treatments or certificates.

But how does our low-rise repairable half pallet differ from other models on the market?

Our LOGIC PRO 0806-O3 model is a plastic pallet 30% lighter than the equivalent conventional model and its height is optimized by 15%.

Advantages of the 800x600 pallet

Its lightness optimizes and makes the handling of the product safer, eliminates possible waste, improves the carbon footprint, and reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.

And its optimized height further improves storage and transportation costs, as well as allowing more product to be placed in the same space within the shelves.

Its optimized height is a fundamental advantage in Mass Consumption. The manufacturer includes more product inside the pallet, and therefore more product inside the shelf, optimizing logistics costs and the profitability of its products. You are moving more product at the same cost.

Other valuable items

In addition, the product incorporates two key fundamental elements to improve its performance and useful life. First, its metal reinforcements on the board give it greater resistance. Thus, it can support a greater load.

On the other hand, the repairable skids mean that they can be replaced easily and economically in case of impact or breakage in the goods handling processes. The deteriorated parts are recycled and become raw material for the manufacture of the new pallets. This pallet has been conceived based on Eco-Design and with a Zero Waste philosophy, prioritizing Reuse first and Recycling later.


Produced with recycled plastic materials from the packaging of the same products that it transports and recyclable, this plastic pallet becomes an example of sustainability and care for the environment. Thanks to this recycling process, the environmental impact of the entire value chain is greatly minimized by converting waste into resources as the basis of a circular economy.

And your company, does it need plastic half pallets as part of the FMCG packaging? At Naeco, previously Nortpalet, we have this and other solutions. Get in touch with us and our team of specialists will analyse your case to advise you on the most appropriate logistics option for your business.