Why are ESD plastic pallets key in the antistatic protection of electronic materials?

Published on 2019-10-04

The plastic pallet with antistatic protection, also called ESD, is one of the logistics solutions most used by the electronics industry. The reason? It guarantees the good condition of electronic components and devices sensitive to electrostatic current during transport and storage.

What are ESD plastic pallets and why are they so important?

They are made with additives that eliminate static electricity in a controlled manner, helping to protect electronic parts so that they arrive safely at their destination.

For this reason, these plastic pallets with antistatic protection become essential in sectors such as the automotive or electronics, an industry that needs to move and store each component safely and without sacrificing its load capacity.

As in these everyday situations, friction due to movement (in the case of plastic pallets) can also generate static charges, something that must be eliminated to avoid any risk and thus safely transport any electronic equipment.

To protect any sensitive load, it is essential to choose an antistatic plastic pallet, made with conductive materials capable of eliminating static electricity and protecting the goods. To achieve this, at Naeco, previously Nortpalet we use antistatic discharge additives that help to end this problem, dissipating and diverting existing loads in a controlled way.

Do you want to know more about its characteristics and advantages or to know which are the best ESD pallet models that you would need to apply to your sector? Well, do not miss the recommendations that we make to you from Naeco, previously Nortpalet!

Features and benefits of Naeco, previously Nortpalet, ESD pallets

At Naeco, previously Nortpalet, we have manufactured two pallet models with the perfect characteristics to prevent electrostatic discharges. In this way, the transport and protection of all kinds of parts related to the automotive and / or electronics industry:

Pallet Basic 1208 - C9 ESD

The ESD BASIC pallet, with European measurements of 1200x800x140 mm, is light, nestable, with a closed and smooth surface, antistatic and made of recycled polypropylene plastic. It has been designed with conductive materials and ensures the transport of electrostatic sensitive components. The pallet is also characterized by having a light weight (7.3 kg) and by supporting 2000 kg in static load and up to 1000 kg in dynamic load.

Pallet Smart 1208 - 03 ESD

This European-size Smart pallet is nestable and is made of recyclable polypropylene and antistatic plastic. It offers some extra advantages that differentiate it from the previous model: it is open format, has dimensions of 1200x800x160 mm and weighs 15.75 kg. In addition, its base has monobloc skids, which is why it is a logistics solution suitable for rack loads (it can support up to 500 kg). Its high robustness, resistance and ESD antistatic protection make it one of the most demanded logistical options for the automotive sector when it comes to transporting and storing electronic parts.