What advantages and benefits do plastic pallets offer to hospitality and restaurant environments?

Published on 2019-09-13

If there is a sector in which plastic pallets fulfil a fundamental and very necessary function, that is undoubtedly the hotel and restaurant industry. And in this sector, the companies that can benefit most from the use of these plastic pallets are the large chains, which operate in different locations and with a well-defined product and service standardization.

And it is that, in this type of large or multinational companies dedicated to catering, a large quantity of fresh and frozen food, bottled beverages and household products are transported, distributed, and stored every day. Sensitive, fragile, and delicate elements that can easily be damaged, contaminated or broken if hygienic, robust, and stable logistics solutions are not used, capable of supporting heavy weights while protecting the merchandise, both during transfers and in warehouse.

These are just some of the reasons why the use of plastic pallets has been gaining weight and prominence over time in restaurant chains around the world where merchandise is transported every day from large logistics centers to their restaurants. And where, in addition, reverse logistics is a great protagonist.

But what other utilities and benefits do they bring to the sector? Without a doubt, its high durability, lightness, and its resistant and waterproof character are positive aspects to highlight, but it has many more, do you want to know them? From Naeco, previously Nortpalet, we expose you to the innumerable benefits that this type of pallet brings to one of the most important sectors and the main source of income for the Spanish economy.

What benefits does the plastic pallet offer in the logistics of restaurant chains?

The use of the plastic pallet is especially suitable for restoration and it is because it offers endless possibilities, thanks in part to the high durability and the health guarantee that said material implicitly entails compared to wood. A plastic pallet will always be more hygienic than traditional pallets and that is because it contains the following characteristics and benefits:

• It is not porous. This means that the waterproof nature of the plastic, in addition to protecting the merchandise from possible product spills or accidental leakage of liquids during transport, prevents dirt, moisture from accumulating or the nesting of microorganisms, insect pests or other undesirable tenants that put in danger the good state of food.

• It is easy to clean. Allows soap and water or any other cleaning product. Which makes the hygiene and maintenance of plastic pallets much faster, easier and saves time and economic costs. Undoubtedly an essential added value within the restaurant sector. But if we also consider that there are hygienic pallets, especially suitable for this work environment, they will turn out to be a perfect logistics solution.

• Facilitates the correct storage of frozen products in refrigeration rooms. Undoubtedly, a practical and vital advantage when it comes to organizing product in cold rooms, an essential space in restaurants to maintain the good quality of food for longer. The plastic pallet remains stable in humid environments, preserving its shape and size and guaranteeing the stability of the stored goods. The reason? Because it is a logistical solution that helps to keep the bottles firm and stable, preventing them from falling and breaking on the way.

• Safely transport all types of household items. The plates, glasses or other types of household items, essential in any restaurant, are highly fragile. That is why it is necessary that the packaging used guarantees the protection of the kitchenware.

• It favors reverse logistics: large restaurant chains move merchandise from their logistics centers to their restaurants in large volumes almost daily. Returning used packaging to fulfillment centers again can lead to significant cost savings. And optimizing the number of pallets that return empty means greater savings. Plastic pallets, thanks to their resistance and durability, allow this packaging to be reused for as long as possible. There are also models such as the BASIC 1208-O9 or the SMART 1208-O3 that allow a greater number of pallets to be transported empty.

• Enhances the circular economy: the plastic pallets used in this circuit are generally made from recycled materials. With this, it is possible to convert a waste into a resource favoring the circular economy.

• Guarantees sustainability: The concern of restaurant chains to operate in their circuits with reusable and recyclable elements at the end of their useful life has been increasing. In recent years they have allocated resources to replace their containers and packaging with sustainable elements. Therefore, the plastic pallet becomes an ally of these companies in their concern to work in sustainable environments.

Plastic pallets, a logistics solution in restaurant chains

The plastic pallet is therefore the logistics solution that best fits in the restaurant chains, if what we want is to keep the merchandise safe throughout the entire supply, distribution, and storage chain. In addition, its enormous versatility makes it the most flexible option to be used with all kinds of products and purposes.

Do you want to know which pallet model is the most suitable for your catering business or what characteristics it should meet? Do not hesitate to contact us. At Naeco, previously Nortpalet, we will give you the information and personalized technical advice you need to get the most out of the advantages offered by plastic pallets.