The 3R philosophy in the new plastic pallet of Nortpalet

Published on 2014-09-25

It is a fit-in Euro pallet fitted with skates and reinforced for rack (1000 kg). Made from recycled plastic, it is 34% lighter (17 kg vs. 25 kg EPAL pallet) and offers 43% space savings during transport and storage. 

This pallet has been designed and developed according to the 3R philosophy: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle:

  • Reduce: due to its lightness and fitability, with respect to conventional pallets of similar characteristics, savings in logistics and storage costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions are achieved.
  • Reuse: with the technical characteristics of a high strength pallet, it does not require any special treatment complying with sanitary norms in food and does not require phytosanitary treatments for export. All this makes it a useful, versatile and hygienic pallet, optimal for reuse throughout its life cycle.
  • Recycle: after the end of its life cycle, this pallet is 100% recyclable, and therefore sustainable. In addition, thanks to the "Buy-Back" repurchase program offered by Nortpalet, recycling is favored and the environmental impact is minimized.

 As a result of an internal innovation project that has been developed in recent years, Nortpalet launches a truly innovative product, which tries to offer the highest load capacity, together with maximum versatility, providing logistics efficiencies with measurable impact on cost By use.
All these characteristics, never before unified in a pallet, and a very competitive price aims to attract to the plastic to traditional users of the wooden pallets that try to improve its value chain.