Rack pallets: Storage system to increase the profitability of your business

Published on 2018-05-22

In the field of logistics, the current warehouses that work with large volumes of goods use increasingly agile and efficient storage systems in order to facilitate not only the tasks of loading and unloading, but also to adopt solutions that guarantee profits, both in time and in profitability for the business.

Considering that the plastic pallet is one of the most outstanding storage elements that is being used more and more, due to its versatility, since it allows to transport goods of all types of weight and size faster and safer than other systems, in the following lines we are going to discuss and talk about usability and the numerous advantages of pallet storage in rack use. 

What are the racks pallets and what are they used for? 

Before knowing the different uses and types of racks that exist, it is important to explain what a rack is. It is a metal structure or shelf where the loaded pallets are located and with the objective of organizing the goods in deposits in a visible, structured and easily locatable by areas. There are countless applications where, once the pallet is loaded with goods, it is stored on a shelf until it is shipped. But what exactly is a racks pallet and what is it used for?  These are pallets that support in flection a specific load in shelves of conventional type. This bending or flection requires that the pallet is being contained within limits, in order to guarantee the safety of the stored material. 

Main Advantages 

The fact of being able to locate pallets in racks facilitates in an exponential way the tasks of loading and unloading for the following reasons: 

  • Gives a better order and organization of the material.
  • It facilitates the goods transfers in a more practical and fast way. It allows moving large quantities of materials in a single load which makes it easier to manage for forklifts. For that reason, many companies prefer to use pallets to move their goods.
  • Greater space saving. One of the advantages of the pallets is that they already have their own support. But if we also add the placement of pallets in racks or shelves according to the organizational needs of each business, it is an ideal solution to take advantage of the vertical space inside the warehouses. 
  • Time optimizing in the distribution centers. Thanks to the use of racks we get to facilitate both the visibility and the accessibility to the goods, this ends up having a direct and positive impact also on time waist reducing when distributing the material. This way, not only the space and costs are optimized, but also productivity and sales are boosted.

Pallet storage systems for use in racks 

After explaining some of the advantages that this type of storage provides for companies, it is important to clarify that the pallet must have at least 3 runners to be suitable for racks, be in good condition and depending on the weight and type of load, this last could be reinforced with metallic elements, this way, increase both the load capacity and the security when rack storage. Another factor to consider, is that not all pallets are suitable for rack use, since the capacity varies accordingly to the model used. Next, we are going to present you some of the most suitable systems for storing pallets and that allow a better space saving.

Here are some of them:    

  • Pallet Flow system. These are structures that allow you to store up to four pallets in a single block. It is a storage system that stands out for facilitating and fastening the material movement. Perfect choice for those industries whose goods are in constant movement. -         
  • Conventional palletizing systems. It is one of the most versatile systems however it does not have as much storage capacity as other alternatives. It is used mainly in logistics centers with very diverse products and pallets of different sizes. It is advisable for picking operations on lower levels, for installations that contain large volume products or for small warehouses that have mass consumption products and few pallets.         
  • Compact shelving systems. It is one of the simplest and most economical options, perfect for storing mass consumption products and those in which rotation is not a priority. The advantage is that its storage capacity is superior to that of conventional shelves, however it requires more maneuvering time.    
  • Dynamic shelving. This type of shelves allows to place a reference in each channel, so its storage capacity is superior to compact ones. The pallets are introduced in the loading aisle, slide to the opposite end and are ready for extraction. This system allows saving space and reducing maneuvering times, which is why they are usually used for high rotation products. 

As we have already indicated, not all pallets can be used in shelves or racks. Among the references of the Naeco catalogue we would have the EXPERT pallets (EXPERT 1208-O3, EXPERT PRO 1208-O3, EXPERT 1210-O3, EXPERT 1210-O5 or