Pallet for export of horticultural products

Published on 2016-10-24

Reusable transport elements (ERTs) made of plastic offer a longer product life cycle, better visual impact and reduced waste in the logistics circuit. In addition, another advantage of the plastic pallet is that they comply with sanitary regulations in food and do not require phytosanitary treatment for export or use in food environments.

For exports to certain countries, it is essential that wooden pallets have been pre-treated. These treatments make the pallet expensive and do not always guarantee arrival at destination.

 Nortpalet has presented this year among its innovations an industrial pallet (measures 1200x1000) lightweight stackable and with grid. Currently this pallet is the lightest of its category and is ready for air cargo. Its lightness and tilted peg optimize the air shipment.

 This pallet is having great acceptance in fresh products industries, where products are exported. Especially the horticultural sector is becoming one of the biggest consumers of this model.

 The item BASIC 1210-O9 AIR, in addition to its lightness, is stackable. This model has been designed with an optimization in the factor of fitting which also offers great advantages in its logistics and storage costs, allowing transporting more units per empty trailer and reducing the storage space.