Published on 2016-06-29

On the 7th of June 2016, the Logística & Transportes Hoje Prizes 2016, granted by the publication of the same name were delivered. The event took place at the 2016 Logitrans Summit Forum in Porto.

In this 2nd edition, Nortpalet got the “Melhor Projeto Supply Chain Award”. It was granted by the Editorial Board of the magazine.
Nortpalet received this award thanks to its repairable reinforced half pallet made of plastic. It is a comprehensive solution for consumer products.

This pallet is made with recycled plastic pieces from packaging. This packaging comes from the same recyclable products which are previosly sent onto the pallets, at the end of their life. This product becomes indeed a great example of sustainability and environmental care. Thanks to this recycling process, we greatly minimize the environmental impact of the entire value chain, by turning waste into resources, as the basis of a circular economy.
This plastic pallet improves the visual impact of the products on the shelves and the shopping experience, by giving an important support to sales.

The half plastic pallet keeps always its shape and visual appearance. It’s the best solution to work in wet conditions, when necessary. Free of parasites and bacteria, it does not require phytosanitary treatments or certificates.

It is 30% lighter than the equivalent conventional model. It optimizes and makes product handling safer. It eliminates possible waste, by improving the carbon footprint and it also reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. In addition, the product incorporates two key elements to improve performance and service life. First, its metal reinforcements on the board give greater strength, therefore this whithstands greater loads. Moreover, the interchangeable skids allow this pallet to be repaired easily and economically in case of impacts or breaks in the process of handling goods. Damaged parts are also recycled and they become the main ingredient of the new pallets. Zero waste philosophy is applied; we priorize first Reuse and Recycling later.