Nortpalet obtains Zero Waste Certification from Aenor

Published on 2020-02-10

The Zero Waste Certificate recognizes organisations that recover various waste fractions they generate and avoiding the landfill as their ultimate destination.

This system does not only concern generating zero waste, it’s also focused in the correctly handling of waste in order to reduce, reuse and reintroduce these materials into the value chain.

Zero Waste and more prevention to ensure economic sustainability

According to AENORThe generation of waste is one of the most complicated environmental challenges currently faced by society.” Thereby Industry has an important role to play managing resources. When waste is properly managed, it can be converted into resources and ensure economic sustainability.

In accordance with the specifications of the Zero Waste Certification, we make greater efforts in prevention, reuse, recycling and revaluation, always with a goal: Zero landfill waste.

Nortpalet supports circular economy with its Buy-Back repurchase program

At Nortpalet, we do not only manage our own waste, but also encourage our customers to recycle the end of plastic pallet’s  life through our Buy-Back program.

These elements are treated and recycled in order to obtain raw material which Will be reused to manufacture new products, in order to re-introduce them into the market.