Nortpalet launches the collaborative HOPE Project

Published on 2020-04-08

With the health crisis we are experiencing, there are many projects showing up to help the medical staff, the workers who guarantee the supply chain of essential goods, and the most vulnerable groups of people.

Nortpalet wants to bring its own collaborative HOPE Project. Our team has worked together to develop a device “HOPE´N DOOR” that permits you to open any type of door handle without the need to use your hands.

The WHO has specified the contact with frequent used superficies like the door handles, is one of the main ways of contagion. Thus, we have worked to bring a solution focus on the nursing homes for protecting the seniors, the most vulnerable group of people.

The HOPE Project pretends to be an example of teamwork, social responsibility and solidarity; the Izertis company offered its service of visual identity, Donetec engineering contributed with the first PLA reels for 3D printers, and we would like that anyone who wants to be part of this project can join and participate. The HOPE Project don´t have any limits neither borders and we wish that solidarity chain can be from everybody. All together we can do it!

The device drawings and the manual of instructions are available in our webpage to anyone who wants to participate to our project and bring hope to our nursing homes. To start the solidarity chain, we´ll offer 3D printer reels (until end of stock) to all the makers who wants to join the project and send their products to the nursing homes around.

The HOPE´N DOOR story.

We want the device to have a meaning and to transmit a message of encouragement that helps our elders to keep going with hope to overcome this health crisis that can affect them so much. We want they feel proud of our generation.

Those last days, the picture of the rainbow has become the symbol of this crisis. It represents a message of hope and collaboration despite of the situation obliges us to be distant. This movement started in 1961, in Italy, with the word PEACE. It was called ‘Pace da tutti i balconi’ (peace from all the balconies) and it appears again with the COVID-19. This picture means that after the storm always there’s always the peace, like a bridge that joins the distance between two smiles. Spanish children choose this picture and draw it to remind that everything will be fine.

All that unite us is bigger than the distance that separates us.