Nortpalet launches its mid pallet range in the first quarter of 2017

Published on 2016-11-26

With the addition and presentation of 16 new references of the mid-range Nortpalet completes its catalogue of current plastic pallets.

These 16 new items, added to the existing ones, form a portfolio of more than 40 products. Its diversity in the catalogue allows Nortpalet to offer its customers solutions that suit their needs.

The catalogue of Nortpalet´s plastic pallets consists of 4 ranges: light, medium, heavy and hygienic. Each of the ranges has different sizes and formats. The 16 new mid-range references include pallets of dimensions 1200x800 (European), 1200x1000 (industrial or American), 1300x1100. This last dimension also brings a newness to the catalog of Nortpalet, which to date did not have any pallet in this measure.

The pallets of the mid-range are manufactured in one piece (mono-block) and will have several versions: 9 lugs, 3 skates and 5 skates.

With all these items, Nortpalet wants to offer its customers a variety of products that fit the specific needs of the company and the sector in which it operates within standard solutions.