Nortpalet completes the lightweight pallets range 1200×800 with the launch of the new closed top deck version

Published on 2013-10-30

Nortpalet has completed the line of lightweight pallets 1200×800 with the new incorporation of two new models with closed surface. This new product has more weight than the open version and allows higher loading tolerances. The lips are optional and it has detachable runners. The exchange of runners can be done in a very easy and quick way at the same time that makes this product totally versatile. You can dismount with total simplicity and rapidity, as well as the saving space in transport or storage.

The closed version of this model does of this one a more hygienic and resistant product but always supporting the rest of inherent characteristics of the product: lightness, good visual aspect, easy cleanliness, needs neither treatment nor certificates, facility in its manipulation, …

Its smooth surface and possibility of customizable lips allows using this model in diversity of sectors where the goods are very sensitive of being marked or for those sectors as the meat industry or the fishing where it is already in use in a very extensive way.

Among Nortpalet’s next launches are the equivalent lightweight models in 1200×1000 which will be available in the first semester of 2014. Both in closed and open versions, with and without runners.