New World Star for Packaging Award for our item SMART PRO 1208-O3

Published on 2014-12-09

After being awarded a Liderpack prize, directed to the packaging industry nationwide, Nortpalet has been awarded a World Star prize, of recognized prestige at worldwide level. 

The World Star for Packaging are the most important packaging industry awards organized by the World Packaging Organization (WPO). The awards ceremony will be held during IPACK-IMA from 19 to 22 May in Milan, Italy.

Nortpalet will collect this award thanks to its new European pallet fitted with reinforced skates. It is a novel pallet that adds value to the customer because it is 34% lighter than the EPAL pallet and thanks to its fittability; it achieves a 43% saving of space in transport and storage. In its new design has special corner for shrink, special area labels, non-slip rubber, non-slip surface and a metal reinforcement that makes the difference with respect to the market pallets that could offer similar benefits supporting up to 1,000 kg rack.

This pallet is a new example of the philosophy of the 3Rs, championed by Nortpalet in its respect for the environment: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.