New range of “HEAVY DUTY” pallets, 1200×800 and 1200×1000

Published on 2013-06-27

We are delighted to present the new range of “Heavy Duty” pallets in 1200×800 and 1200×1000.
The new 1200×800 HEAVY DUTY pallet with repairable skids offers a major durability and return with regard to other alternatives with the maximum performance. With 18,5 kg of weight comparing to the 25 kg of a quality EUR EPAL pallet, suitable for handling all types of products this pallet is prepared to support 5.000 kg in static loads, 1.500 kg in dynamic load and up to 800 kg in racking. Moreover, there is the possibility to introduce steel tubes as reinforcements that will increase this racking capacity up to 1.000 kg with the maximum safety guarantees. It’s ideal for reuse on logistic and storage circuits in manufacturing and distribution environments. Its standard dimensions make this pallet a great alternative for automated processes where plastic offers multiple advantages (major life cycle, hygienic, versatility, sustainability, etc.) or in those environments where the pallet of wood is not allowed (i.e. for certain food environments).

Furthermore, the new range of pallets HEAVY DUTY 1200×1000 is available in different versions according to the number of skids required: 3,5 and 6 skids. The 5 skid version is the most extended in sectors as automotive industry, meat or fish industries, … It is prepared for the maximum load capacity. This new model of 21 kg weight has the possibility to incorporate anti-slip rubbers on the top deck and under the skids to stabilize the load and prevent displacements in the transport.  Likewise, the version with 6 skids is specially developed for the bottlers of drinks where the permanence of the product and its high requirements of load make this pallet an ideal option to renew the current wooden pallets.