Nestable or stackable plastic pallets? The cost effectiveness in saving space

Published on 2018-08-28

The numerous advantages and the great profitability offered by plastic pallets in the logistical and storage needs of companies, makes more and more sectors bet on the quality of this material compared to wood. Why? The fact that they are lighter, more waterproof, resistant, hygienic, manufactured from recycled materials and 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life, that they require less maintenance and that they are also extremely versatile is achieving that the constant increase in circulation of plastic pallets around the world is unstoppable.

From the point of view of profitability, there is a unique and exclusive feature that makes some of the plastic pallet models stand out positively, and that, in addition, greatly influences the reduction of transport and storage costs, that is its ability to fit. The fundamental reason is that, thanks to the nesting capacity, it is possible to minimize and better optimize the warehouse space when they are empty and to make their transportation profitable.

Undoubtedly, the way in which the pallets are arranged and arranged is a fundamental and very valuable factor for companies, since it depends on it to gain logistical efficiency and, consequently, to increase the economic benefits. Taking this into account, during the following lines, the Naeco, (previously Nortpalet) team, experts in the manufacture of plastic pallets, will explain the main differences between nestable pallets and stackable pallets. Although at first, they may sound similar, the truth is that they differ a lot. Do you want to know why? We explain it to you!

Differences between the nestable pallet and the stackable pallet

Undoubtedly, one of its main differences has to do with the design, an element that greatly influences storage, the maximum weight that it can support and saving space.

• The nestable pallets. Its design is designed so that one pallet can be housed inside another and thus occupy less space when they are empty. The objective of these pallets is to make the most of the space. For this reason, in the case of transport, for example, the aim is to accommodate as many empty pallets as possible. In fact, up to 2,000 pallets can be fitted in a truck, thus saving up to 4 times more space than with other formats. This type of pallets, which are normally light range models and have 9 feet, are used for export or in shipments in which there is no return. However, some sectors reuse these pallets in moderate reuse because the empty space they occupy offers them great savings in transport costs and storage space.

• Stackable pallets. Unlike the previous pallets, the stackable ones are characterized by having at their base a series of skids that do not allow fitting, that is, one pallet cannot be housed inside another, which means that, when stacked, they occupy more space. However, stackable pallets have a lower surface, which is commonly called skids, and that can be found in different formats of 3, 5 or 6 that gives them the ability to distribute the weight well, thus achieving the stability of the load necessary for its storage and transport without damaging the goods placed on the lower pallet. This type of pallet with skids is used in controlled circuits, storage spaces, etc. where a pallet with skids is required due to the type of load, handling and / or storage to be carried out. A pallet with skids is necessary when it is on a roller path, in rack-type warehouses or when mass storage is carried out or merchandise is tracked, for example. The skids provide great stability to the pallet. 

Along these lines, and combining the advantage of nesting and the advantages of pallets with skids, Naeco, previously Nortpalet has developed the SMART 1208-O3 model, nestable, in one piece, but with skids, which allows obtaining logistical savings, reducing space. storage under vacuum. And thanks to its skids it is suitable for roller path, mass storage, lift and rack of up to 500Kg. This model has a reinforced version, the SMART PRO 1208-O3, which allows reaching rack loads of up to 1,000 Kg.

The commitment to innovation and constant research in new Naeco, previously Nortpalet products to offer added value with its products has made the SMART PRO 1208-O3 model have been recognized with some of the most representative awards in the sector: Liderpack, and, World Packaging Award. 


In addition to the advantages that plastic pallets offer, knowing how to choose the model that best suits your storage and transportation needs is also essential when it comes to achieving the objectives and benefits desired by your company. Therefore, if you are still not sure which type of pallet (stackable or nestable) is best for your activity, contact us without obligation. Our team of Naeco, previously Nortpalet, professionals will advise you, analyzing each case, in a personalized way.