Naeco Reduce, a new programm that calculates CO2 savings in freight transport

Published on 2021-11-10

With its launch, Naeco Reduce joins other actions of this company to reduce CO2, such as Naeco Reforest, which promotes the creation of native forests that contribute to the reduction of this greenhouse gas.

Climate change is one of the main challenges facing industry today. The increasing rise in temperatures is largely caused by greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted into the atmosphere, and CO2 is, of these gases, the one that is most generated by industrial activities.

According to several European studies, up to 30% of equivalent CO2 emissions are produced through the transport of goods by road, where factors as important as the weight of the goods, the type of lorry used or the type of route come into play.

Naeco, aware of the need to promote actions that contribute to reducing as far as possible the CO2 emissions produced in the industry with the transport of goods, is launching "Naeco Reduce".


How Naeco Reduce Works

For this project, Naeco has relied on its Naeco Research Laboratory of Ideas and the collaboration of a prestigious Technological Institute. Together they have managed to develop a justified calculation system, which allows to know the amount of CO2 equivalent emissions that any company can save by switching to pallets, boxes and/or plastic containers of the company.

This report can be produced both for Naeco's client companies that want to know their Carbon Footprint savings and for those companies that are considering switching to Naeco's plastic logistics products and want to obtain this report.


Advantages of Naeco Reduce

Thanks to Naeco Reduce, companies can benefit from great advantages. On the one hand, they will be aware of the impact on their Carbon Footprint and the savings that can be made by switching to products made of plastic. On top of this, they will be able to add this action to their annual sustainability reports as part of the measures taken to mitigate CO2 emissions.


Other sustainable actions by Naeco

Naeco has a firm objective: to promote sustainability and involve as many companies as possible in its actions. For this reason, the Asturian company is launching several actions aimed at Corporate Social Responsibility and involving different actors.

All these actions can be found in NAECO LOVES YOU. This space shows the most human side of the brand, which carries out its business activity focusing on providing an environmental benefit to companies, people and the environment in general.