Naeco launches its "Naeco Reforest" project to help reduce CO2 emissions by planting forests

Published on 2021-04-06

The Asturian manufacturer of recycled plastic pallets, boxes and containers shows, once again, its commitment to sustainability and launches the Naeco Reforest project to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Asturias, March, the 22nd 2021- Naeco, formerly known as Nortpalet, continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and the environment. Yesterday, March, the 21st, International Forest Day was celebrated and, in line with this philosophy of protecting and promoting reforestation, Naeco is today launching the Naeco Reforest Project.


Naeco, with this initiative, aims to contribute, together with the help of its customers, to the reduction of CO2  in the atmosphere through the planting of forests, natural reserves that will never be exploited, but will be preserved to ensure that our planet has more green spaces.


"At present, our society is emitting large amounts of CO2 and our planet has natural mechanisms that absorb these gases and emit oxygen, the forests. At Naeco, we want to contribute to reducing these harmful emissions by enhancing the natural resources that our planet already has", explains Naeco's CEO, Antón Fernández.


 Naeco Reforest Project

The first forest to be planted by Naeco will be located, true to its origins, in Asturias, specifically in the area surrounding Gulpiyuri beach, which was declared a natural monument in 2001. But the medium-term objective is to extend the creation of new forests to other parts of Spain.


To carry out this project, the company wants to count on the collaboration of its customers. Therefore, Naeco will plant 1 native tree for every 50 tonnes of plastic recycled to manufacture its products. In this way, Naeco wants to involve its customers in this environmental action, with the aim of leaving a natural environment for future generations.



A tree can absorb more than 300 Kilograms of CO2  in 30 years.

Based on this figure, it is possible to calculate the ecological footprint generated by planting a forest. For this reason, Naeco will keep a tally of the number of trees it plants, in order to subsequently calculate the positive impact that both, the company and its customers, have managed to achieve.


For more information on this initiative, visit the Naeco Reforest page.