Naeco is once again committed to innovation and renews its range of lighter pallets

Published on 2021-09-14

The new BASIC pallets come onto the market with a renewed design and in grey colour to offer great advantages to its customers.

Naeco demonstrates once again that a commitment to innovation is an essential requirement to remain a benchmark company in the sector of manufacturing sustainable logistics solutions. Last October, the company incorporated an Ideas Laboratory, Naeco Research, which has a team specialised in the design and optimisation of pallets, boxes and plastic containers with a markedly sustainable character.


The Naeco Research team is strongly focused on detecting new needs that arise in the market and developing solutions with sustainable materials that do not harm the environment, and, at the same time, are of high quality and can meet the expectations of its customers.


In this way, Naeco faces this last four-month period of the year with the renewal of its range of lightweight pallets. The goal: to be the first company in the sector to offer a lightweight pallet made from 100% recycled material in grey colour. The pallets that have been renewed are both, the European and American dimensions, in their open and closed board versions, as well as the 9-foot and 3-runners model.


Faithful to its commitment to sustainability, Naeco produces these pallets from recycled plastic packaging that come from the yellow container, thus favouring, with their manufacture, the reduction of plastic waste that is so harmful to the environment. It is therefore a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable product line. That is to say, they can be recycled at the end of their useful life, thus giving rise to another product with the same characteristics and favouring the Circular Economy.



What are the new pallets of the LIGHTWEIGHT Range like?


The LIGHTWEIGHT Range features the light pallets in Naeco's product portfolio. They are very light and economical reusable pallets, ideal for export or reuse in circuits where loads are not demanding and where easy-to-handle pallets are the most important. They are very efficient when it comes to storage thanks to their nestable nature. The pallets in the LIGHTWEIGHT range have the following characteristics:

  • Grey colour
  •  Inclined blocks
  • Anti-impact perimeter
  • From 130 to 253 recycled plastic containers are used to produce one unit of product (depending on the model).
  • Closed and open versions available.
  • 9 blocks and 3 runners versions available.