Naeco introduces "Naeco Loves You", an initiative to promote sustainability

Published on 2021-01-13

The company that manufactures pallets, containers and plastic boxes has worked over the last few years to become a reference in its sector in terms of the Circular Economy.

Naeco was the first company in the sector to create the Sustainability Ecolabel. This label contains highly valuable information for the companies that purchase the products. They have at their disposal the sustainable information of these, making customers aware of the impact they are generating on the environment with their purchase.

Asturias, January the 13th, 2021- Naeco, previously known as Nortpalet, was created with the main objective of working together with its clients, promoting sustainability, and favouring the circular economy within the sector. "It is not just a matter of saying that we have sustainable products, but of quantifying sustainability. We want our customers and users to have tangible data, which allows them to know to what extent they are contributing within the global recycling activity, promoting the circular economy and reducing the plastic waste that ends up being dumped and/or incinerated. Only if we are able to know our real impact as a society will we be able to improve things at a global level through individual actions," assures its CEO, Antón Fernández.

Now, Naeco goes one step further and launches "Naeco Loves You", a space that arises from another very important project for the company "Naeco Rewards", and which shows Naeco's commitment to involving people and companies in its great commitment to the circular economy.

Aware that, in order to change the planet, it is necessary to have everyone's collaboration, through the Naeco Rewards initiative, Naeco wants to inform, acknowledge and thank its customers for their real contribution to the environment, sharing with them all the information regarding the plastic containers that they have managed to recycle with the purchase and use of Naeco's products in a period of one year.

This initiative is included in the space "Naeco Loves You", which is available from today on Naeco's website and, in addition to "Naeco Rewards" includes other projects and initiatives that the company already had as the Buy-Back Program and Hope n' Door.

At its launch, "Naeco Loves You" has three active projects, but it aims to be a lively and dynamic space, so it will be constantly updated and growing with new programmes. It is expected that new sustainable or social initiatives will be included soon, which, with the help of the companies that put their trust in Naeco, will contribute to improve our planet.

Naeco Rewards

Companies need to come together and work towards a change that will reduce the amount of plastic waste currently dumped into the environment.

Aware of this, Naeco, through its Naeco Rewards initiative, wants to recognise and thank its customers for the contribution they make to the environment. Thanks to their collaboration and the purchase of recycled products from Naeco's catalogue, it is precisely the companies that use their recycled products that encourage less and less plastic waste to end up in the environment. Over the last few years, Naeco has restructured all its processes to specialise in the transformation of plastic waste from the yellow container into new products with high added value and long life cycles.

For this reason, Naeco wants to share with its customers all the information regarding the amount of plastic packaging they have managed to recycle during the one-year period. In this way, in addition to thanking them for their contribution to the environment, companies will obtain precise data on the number of containers they have managed to recycle, so they can add packaging recycling to their CSR policies.

Do you want to know how to join this initiative? Visit Naeco Rewards

Buy Back Program

What happens to plastic pallets, boxes and containers that are already at the end of their life? At Naeco we do not want these to become plastic waste. That is why we offer our Buy-Back Program.

Through this program, Naeco buys back these products from companies to recycle them and obtain new raw materials with which to make new products with the same characteristics as the previous ones, thus preventing them from becoming waste.

Through this program, Naeco promotes the Circular Economy by extending the life of plastic products in a "cradle to cradle" process. Furthermore, through this programme, companies are not only carrying out recycling work that favours sustainability, but also recovering part of the initial investment.

Enter the Naeco Buy-Back Program to obtain all the information.


Hope n'Door

The serious health crisis that we are experiencing has particularly affected nursing homes as they are a group at risk. At Naeco we have wanted to put their "plastic granite" into action by designing, developing and producing a plastic device that is placed on the door handle and which avoids contact with the hands and is intended for elderly centres.

Furthermore, in April 2020, Naeco launched this collaborative project by opening a space on its website with the plans for this device so that anyone who wants to can collaborate. In addition, donated reels were made available to all the makers in order to reach more senior citizen centres. The objective is, between all of them, to reach the biggest number of centres possible and that any person could join the project by donating devices to the nearby senior centres. This initiative is part of the company's CSR policy as the product is not sold, but developed exclusively for solidarity purposes and donations to senior centres.

Learn more about the Hope n' Door project