Naeco adapts its Ecolabel to comply with the criteria of the ISO 14021 Standard

Published on 2021-06-15

The Asturian manufacturer of plastic pallets, crates and containers has had the collaboration of a technological institute specialised in packaging to adapt its Ecolabel to the conditions dictated by this standard.

Naeco has made every effort to become a benchmark in the field of sustainability and the circular economy. Proof of this, are the different actions it has launched with the aim of contributing to improving the environment with the collaboration of its customers.


Among the actions implemented over the last year, Naeco has been the first company to launch a Sustainability Ecolabel for all its products. This Ecolabel offers all the environmental information on the pallets, crates and plastic containers it sells. "We want our customers to know their real contribution to the environment with the purchase of our products and to be able to add packaging to their sustainability and CSR policies", says the company's CEO, Antón Fernández.


Naeco's Sustainability Ecolabel follows a philosophy based on the 3Rs according to whether its products are recyclable, recycled and/or repairable. If recycled, it also indicates the amount of packaging that has been recovered to make one unit.


The Naeco Ecolabel complies with the requirements of the ISO 14021 Standard.


In order to offer the most accurate information on the environmental aspects of its products, Naeco has enlisted the help of a Technological Institute specialised in packaging to adapt its Ecolabel to the ISO 14021 Standard. This standard ensures that all information given on environmental labels or declarations is accurate, truthful and not misleading.


On this occasion, Naeco has decided to work with a recognised institution in the world of packaging to develop an Ecolabel based on the criteria of an ISO Standard that guarantees the content of its data.


Therefore, with this new step, Naeco's Ecolabel is positioned as a quality benchmark, guaranteeing that it contains truthful and valuable information in accordance with the guidelines endorsed by this standard.