Naeco, a year of history with a very positive balance sheet

Published on 2021-10-14

One year ago, October the 14th, Naeco was born with the aim of giving greater visibility to sustainability and promoting the Circular Economy with the help of its customers and collaborators.

Exactly one year ago, the Asturian company Nortpalet took another step forward in its strategy and became Naeco S.L. With this change of identity, a company re-emerged with a completely renewed mission and with the clear objective of building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly environment, but with many years of experience and knowledge behind it.

One year later, Naeco has managed, thanks to the collaboration of its customers and suppliers, to launch several Corporate Social Responsibility actions and position itself as one of the most sustainable brands in the packaging sector.

For this reason, the company did not want to miss the opportunity on its first anniversary to thank its customers, suppliers and collaborators for their involvement and collaboration in the Naeco project.

The beginnings of Naeco

Naeco was officially launched on October the 14th 2020, reinforcing and concentrating all its activity on the Circular Economy through the recycling of waste to manufacture new products.

Naeco, which means Ocean upside down, was conceived with a new corporate identity closely linked to the natural environment and whose name is closely related to environmental care. In addition, the company took advantage of its launch to create a space called Naeco Loves You, where all CSR actions are framed, as well as a Nature Friendly seal and became the first company in the sector to create a Sustainable Ecolabel for all its products.

CSR Actions

During this year, Naeco has shown that it is firmly committed to the environment by creating new Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives such as Naeco Rewards, which rewards its customers for the amount of packaging they have managed to recycle with Naeco products; the Buy-Back Programme, where Naeco products are bought back from customers at the end of their useful life or Naeco Reforest, based on planting forests that favour the absorption of CO2. All these actions are included in Naeco Loves You.

In addition, Naeco is committed not only to the environment but also to the people who form part of its team. For this reason, it strives to create the best environment and the best conditions for a motivated, happy and united team.


The near future

Always looking to the future, the manufacturer of sustainable logistics solutions is aware of the importance of innovation and of continuing to generate actions that contribute to improving the planet in which we live, but also aware that all this success is thanks to the support of its customers, collaborators and suppliers.

Naeco's current strategy is based on three fundamental pillars. On the one hand, to continue investing resources in R&D through its Naeco Research Ideas Laboratory to create recycled products with the best specifications and adapted to the needs of the market. On the other hand, to continue promoting actions aimed at strengthening relationships, both internally, which motivate and develop the Naeco Team, and externally with customers, collaborators and suppliers who are a fundamental part of Naeco's success. And finally, to continue creating sustainable actions promoting recycling and the Circular Economy. Because if Naeco is aware of anything, it is that only with everyone's collaboration can we change the world in which we live.

“A Perfect World” by Naeco

On the occasion of the anniversary, Naeco has launched its second song entitled "A perfect World". With this song, the Naeco team shows its gratitude to each and every one of the people who have made it possible for Naeco to get this far. "A perfect world", is a song written and composed by the Naeco team and contains a message that we want to get across to everyone: "We still have time to make the world a better place. Together we can do it".