Logistics Operators: why to outsource services through the experts?

Published on 2021-07-28

Technological development, digitalization, the omni-channel, and the exponential growth of e-commerce in the last twenty years has forced to the companies of all sectors to outsource part of their logistics operations, specially in those related to transport and storage, in order to sustain their costs and to be more competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

In fact, outsourcing some processes like supply chain management to specialized external agents has been a very beneficial decision for many industries, because of it has allowed them to focus all their efforts on those tasks that make up their core business. Furthermore, it reduces their costs, improve the results, and boost customer service in all the areas.

Hence, it is a solution that offers many advantages, if we really know which of our logistics operations, we have to delegate to other companies for adding value.

Which services should be outsourced and why?

Outsourcing logistics and storage activities with specialized logistics companies for managing certain services and activities can be a great opportunity for business growth if we do it in the correct way. Next, we are going to explain which logistics areas and processes are recommended for outsourcing and the reasons:

  • The transport and distribution service. Logistics tranpost price and goods distribution is rising over and over. So, outsourcing this activity and promoting safety goods movement systems for instance by hiring this type of service through specialized companis is a good way to be able to reduce costs and to optimize servies. Increasing the delivery points for accomplishing current requets is another key need.
  • The orders and delivery service. Consumption habits have been changing due to proliferation of the e-commerce and online sales increase. Logistics challenges requires to offer the client a more customized and flexible service with faster deliveries.
  • The warehousing and inventory management service. Warehouse and inventory management is another logistic process that companies often delegate to external service providers. It boosts operational efficiency specially in highly automated warehouses, guaranteeing the safety of the goods.

Advantages to outsource logistics operations through expert companies

There are many positive reasons to outsource logistics services. But before giving in to the management of control of some areas to a third party, it is important that we carefully evaluate which aspects we need to improve and the benefits that these actions will bring to us in short and long terms.  Here you will be able to find some of the main advantages of using this system:

  • The optimization of the supply chain management. Outsourcing logistics operators to the experts improves the quality of their services because delegating certain functions allows them to work in a more specialized way.
  • You can focus on the main areas of the business. Delegating tasks considered secondary to others, allows time and resources to concentrate on all those activities in which they are truly specialized, and that are more profitable for the company to improve the quality of the business.

  • You can reduce volumes of work, risks, and responsibilities. Outsourcing logistics tasks to professional providers releases time, increases productivity and, also, relieves you of responsibilities, because of the service provider will take care of all the hard work. Another benefit is that it improves risk management in supply chains, helping to mitigate incidents and responding to problems in advance.

  • It boosts efficiency and cost savings. Contracted logistics providers bring expertise, technology, and economies of scale, as they are specialized in providing logistics services as their major. These are fundamental aspects that improve operational practices and helps to saving costs, allowing the companies to increase their efficiency in the management of different areas such as transport, distribution, and warehousing. By having a specialized operator, companies have the possibility to minimize shrinkage and ensures the adequate control of inventories to avoid possible stockout at the destination.

  • Flexibility and fast deliveries. Thanks to the outsourcing of shipment, companies can benefit from the wide distribution chains with enough capacity to make faster and safer deliveries.

  • Customer satisfaction improvement. Outsourced logistics providers are able to improve customer experience by offering innovative ideas and strategies with reduced costs. These are key factors for ensuring customer satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships based on trust.

Logistics outsourcing is a growing tendency that will continue increasing over the next decade. This growth is very closed to the development of e-commerce and online sales channels, as their existence has multiplied the volume of work. As a result, companies, overwhelmed, have found it necessary to hand over the management of the supply chain to specialized external operators in order to continue offering a quality service.


Therefore, if your company is also in this situation and you need to minimize risks, gain flexibility, optimize services and reduce costs in order to respond effectively to the demands of the current market, this is a good option to consider.