Half plastic pallet for pool system

Published on 2016-09-01

Comprehensive solution for consumer products. It improves the visual impact of the product in the linear and the buying experience, giving an important support to sales.

The half-plastic pallet always retains its shape and visual appearance. Optimal solution for working in wet conditions, if necessary. Free of parasites and bacteria, does not require phytosanitary or certified treatments.

It is 30% lighter than the equivalent conventional model. It optimizes and makes the manipulation of the product safe, eliminates possible losses, improves the carbon footprint and reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. In addition, the product incorporates two key fundamental elements to improve its performance and useful life. First, its metallic reinforcements on the board give it more resistance. It is thus able to support a greater load. On the other hand, the interchangeable skates make that this pallet can be repaired easily and economically in case of suffering impacts or breaks in the processes of merchandise handling. Deteriorated parts are recycled and become the main ingredient of new pallets. A philosophy of zero waste is applied, prioritizing Reuse first and Recycling afterwards.

Produced with recycled plastic materials from the packaging of the same products it transports and recycles, this logistics equipment becomes an example of sustainability and care for the environment. Thanks to this recycling process, the environmental impact of the entire value chain is greatly minimized by turning waste into resources as the basis of a circular economy.