Expert plastic pallet, a solution applied to sectors with maximum strength and durability needs

Published on 2018-10-04

Among the logistical priorities of a company, knowing how to choose the correct plastic pallet and the one that best suits the transport, distribution and storage needs of the product is undoubtedly a fundamental element to take into account when achieving solutions. efficient in this area, but what are the technical characteristics that a pallet must have to obtain the desired results? It depends largely on the sector and the business activity to which it is dedicated.

Each business activity has its own needs, therefore, more demanding sectors such as industrial, for example, which need solutions capable of supporting a lot of weight, will require Expert Heavy Duty type pallets that are characterized above all by being highly resistant and withstanding high loads. However, these are not the only advantages they present.

If your business activity and more specifically your logistics area requires off-road pallets, capable of meeting the specific requirements of high quality and durability that your sector demands, do not miss the main characteristics and advantages that high-resistance pallets offer you.

Main features

The pallet of the Heavy-Duty range is a logistics item that, thanks to its dimensions and the high quality of its material and elements, becomes the ideal solution for those sectors that work with heavy, high-performance merchandise. From the Naeco (previously Nortpalet) team we present two of its peculiarities:

Measurements. In general, two measures are used, and these are the ones that Naeco, previously Nortpalet, has available:

• The first corresponds to the 1200x800 European pallet, which is characterized by being a model that has reinforced skids for roller tracks and which also has the quality of being able to be repaired when necessary, which allows to considerably increase its life cycle. It is, therefore, an optimal solution for all types of products, applications, and sectors.

• The second most widespread measure is 1200x1000. It is a high-strength plastic pallet with maximum load capacity, perfect for industrial sectors with high reuse applications. Within this type of model, the EXPERT line stands out and more specifically, the model 1210-O3, an industrial pallet par excellence with 3 runners, perfect for manufacturing and distribution environments. For that reason, this is the option chosen by many companies in the automotive sector.

Middleweight. This type of pallets, aimed at supporting very heavy loads, have an average weight between 17 and 25 kg, thus being very resistant to continuous use and to weight.

Advantages of heavy duty or high resistance pallets

When it comes to goods that are especially heavy or that require special handling and transport, it is very important that the type of pallet used in these cases is versatile, flexible and capable of offering the longest possible useful life. For this reason, sectors such as automotive, pharmaceutical, or chemical, among others, tend to opt for the use of Heavy-Duty models, because it offers advantages that are very much in line with their specifications. We show you some of the most outstanding ones.

• It is 100% recyclable.

• It allows a continuous and efficient reuse.

• It is repairable. The fact that it is a repairable plastic pallet means that it allows, for example, the replacement of damaged or broken skids with new spare parts without having to replace the complete unit, thus increasing its useful life cycle.

• Maximum resistance and load capacity.

• High durability and performance. This is undoubtedly one of their strengths, making them more efficient solutions both in the medium and long term.

• It is customizable. They are pallets that can be customized from the color, the logos, the caps and even add the RFID tag, according to the logistical needs of each business.

• It has optional elements. For example, the rubbers on the board stand out, with which a better grip is achieved when handling the forklift trucks, the rubbers on the skates, which prevent slipping on metal surfaces and the anti-slip strips with which the stability of the load is guaranteed. when moving it on the pallet. Therefore, thanks to these optional elements, it is possible to improve the performance and performance of the plastic pallet.

• It is suitable for rack or shelving.

• Prepared to avoid impacts. In this sense, its greatest virtues can be found in its anti-impact perimeter, in its corners, designed to achieve optimal shrinkage and in its chambers, manufactured to cushion the impact on the studs as much as possible.

• Meets high quality standards in demanding industries. For that reason, this type of heavy or heavy duty pallets are the most requested within the automotive industry, especially those of the expert line, in pharmaceutical and chemical companies, especially for loading boxes, drums or big bags, in the fruit and vegetable sector, as they are ideal pallets for the field and even for the food and beverage sector. 


Fortunately, thanks to the daily efforts of companies such as Naeco, previously Nortpalet, specialized in the manufacture of plastic pallets, there are endless solutions with characteristics and competitive advantages, according to each production environment, capable of meeting the particular logistical needs, even of industrial sectors. More demanding. Among these solutions are high performance or Heavy-Duty heavy pallets, developed with the aim of creating value and through their high specificities, being able to obtain more efficient results within the entire transport, distribution, and storage chain