Do not blame to the plastic, 7 advantages of the plastic that you didn't knew

Published on 2018-07-31

The Industrial Associations linked to the plastic industry: AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastics), ANAIP (Spanish Association of Plastics Industry), ANARPLA (National Association of Plastic Recyclers), AVEP (Association of Valencia’s Plastic Companies), CICLOPLAST (entity that promotes eco-efficient management of plastics) and Plastics Europe (European Association of Producers of Plastic Raw Materials), have developed a document on the truths surrounding plastic and good practices to ensure respect for the environment and sustainable environments. All this has been framed under the campaign # noculpesalplastico (#don’tblametheplastic)

For years, plastic has been extremely attacked. It has been blamed for almost every environmental problem. It has been written that it kills the marine fauna, rivers of ink have been flowing about the negative and harmful effects that can result for our health. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the fear it causes, largely due to the lack of knowledge that exists, plastic is in fact a sustainable material, whose technological, medical and industrial applications bring multiple benefits to our daily lives.

The benefits of plastic

To dismantle the false myths spread over the years on plastic and to publicize its main benefits, the Technological Institute of Plastics, through launching the campaign "Don’t blame the plastic" reveals some great truths about this material in order that, both people and companies, consume, use and recycle responsibly.

Do you want to know some of its main advantages? Naeco, manufacturers of plastic pallets, presents the great versatility of this material and why its use is so positive for human life.

  • Guarantees safety for health. The plastic is subject to the most exhaustive material controls - more than other materials- and complies with the most demanding international regulations.
  • Keeps food and avoid waste. The food lasts longer while keeping all its quality.
  • It is used in advanced medicine and security systems. Plastic saves live thanks to its frequent use in the health sector, more specifically in surgeries, bionic applications, as support for the development of organs and even for the transport of supplies. It also plays a fundamental role in security systems of homes and buildings, in anti-fires technologies, in the safety of cars with airbags and belts…
  • It is durable. It is proven that 60% of products made with plastics last from 5 up to 50 years. Its high durability saves many resources.
  • The oil reserves are not in danger. Only 4% to 6% of European oil and gas consumption goes to the manufacture of plastics.
  • It saves water, energy and CO2 emissions. With this material it is possible to implement micro-irrigation systems, which favour the saving of water in the agricultural sector. In addition, thanks to plastic, cars emit less Co2, also benefiting the transport industry.
  • It is recyclable. To make good use of plastic it is fundamental to have a responsible attitude among all and manage wastes with awareness, reusing and recycling products.

Naeco: Plastic pallets with a sustainable vocation

Considering the infinite advantages exposed of the plastic, it is normal that Naeco, bet on this material for the manufacture of pallets. Our company, formed by professionals, with a high commitment and environmental awareness, works only with sustainable elements and develops products, applying always the philosophy of the circular economy, which consists in extending the useful life of the equipment, from its production to the moment of its recycling. In the following corporate video, we explain step by step how we apply our sustainable values ​​to production.


Plastic is not a problem for the environment if it is managed and used the right way. With a conscious use, it is a sustainable and ecological option. It is important that consumers make a more responsible use of this material, through good waste management and product recycling. Hence, companies such as Naeco, with a strong sustainable vocation, capable of basing their production on the circular economy and creating projects that solve great challenges for human beings, end up becoming in the future leading organizations within their business sector.