Custom pallets: packaging adapted to the needs of the company

Published on 2019-01-15

As with people, companies, even those that belong to the same sector, are very different from each other. In fact, even if they are engaged in a similar activity, their logistics and storage needs may differ greatly or change over time.

Therefore, why use the same optimization solutions for the entire area? Why always choose standardized plastic pallets to store or move products if we have other needs? Wouldn't it be easier to cover our logistics needs with personalized pallets that provide solutions tailored to our activity?

If you want to know what advantages choosing a custom plastic pallet can offer your business or what type of characteristics you can change to make it more efficient, original and also make a difference, don't miss the advice that the entire Naeco, (previously Nortpalet) team we expose you below! 

When and why to use a custom pallet

It is clear that each industrial sector, regardless of the field (agricultural, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, food or even automotive), requires special logistics solutions with very specific characteristics that do not always exist, adjust or meet the needs that the product demands.

For this reason, selecting or designing pallets that best suit our business area is the best choice if we want to stand out and obtain a fundamental competitive advantage. Therefore, in which cases would it be advisable to select personalized pallets and why? What factors should be considered? We indicate the most outstanding ones:

• Project volume: this is important when developing a model as the project is large enough to face the investments that are required. It is common to carry out a custom development in pooling projects, automated warehouses, etc. If the project or the needs do not have enough volume, the customization of the standard pallets can always be considered.

• Size. Selecting the correct pallet size, the one that best suits the logistics requirements of our company, will help to efficiently optimize loading operations, especially if the company uses automated systems to handle products. Another of the fundamental advantages is that you will save time and costs. Therefore, opting for a plastic pallet that respects the spaces and adapts to the loads will improve production and speed up work.

• Specialty of the team. Plastic pallets for tailor-made solutions, in addition to having the personalized measures that the company requires, it is important that they also adjust to the specific characteristics of the merchandise itself. In this case, the pallet must be manufactured with the most suitable raw material, have the appropriate suspension and ventilation systems and the perfect anti-slip elements to guarantee safety during the transport process and the storage of the product.

• Shelf space. In the case of having metal shelves in the warehouse, the customized plastic pallets should be designed in a tailor-made project to make the most of the space, covering all the available volume and without leaving empty sections.

Custom solution vs. Personalization: What can Naeco, previously Nortpalet, offer me?

It is important to know that when a company looks for a tailor-made project, it has a large enough volume behind to face all the necessary investment.

If the client needs a customized pallet that differs from the black pallet or that offers other properties that improve the behaviour of the pallet in the circuit, our clients can resort to customization instead of looking for a tailor-made development.

Here are the different types of customizations:

• Colors. Although the standard color of our pallets is black, we also produce any model in many other colors. To obtain maximum precision and continuity in the selection of it, we use Premium or virgin materials and also recycled materials, of which we obtain different shades.

• Engravings. All our pallets allow the incorporation of customizable engravings. To carry out such engravings, usually low relief, it is necessary to have a "hairpiece" where the logo or brand to be displayed is previously incorporated.

• Silkscreen or Pad Printing. Personalization by means of screen printing or pad printing is carried out by means of an ink printing process after the pallet is produced.

• Special stops or without stops. There are models that allow the inclusion of higher stops for boxes or eliminate the stops for an easy depalletizing of the merchandise.

• Anti-slip elements: to improve the grip of the merchandise or the stability of the pallet during handling, there are anti-slip elements that can be added to some of our references (rubber and anti-slip strips). 


If you have a volume project that requires custom development, we can help you analyse the needs of your company and offer you the best advice.

Do you want to know more details about the manufacturing process or the design alternatives that we have available at Naeco, previously Nortpalet when it comes to customizing plastic pallets? Get in touch with us and we will provide you with the options and technical advice that best suits the logistical needs of your company.