Choose the right plastic pallet depending on the activity and / or sector

Published on 2015-06-08

The use that can be given to a plastic pallet is very varied and different depending on the industry that includes them in its logistics circuits.

The use that can be given to a plastic pallet is very varied and different depending on the industry that includes them in its logistics circuits.

Nortpalet has developed tailor-made projects in different sectors, which has allowed it to acquire knowledge of them, as well as to detect and know their needs. Depending on the activity you must have the optimum pallet to get the best result of it.

According to the sector and the activity of the company we can differentiate two large groups

  • Heavy Duty Pallets: Heavy Duty pallet line items are highly resistant, designed to withstand high loads in continuous and efficient reuse. They have a longer shelf life and are 100% recyclable. In addition, those models known as repairable allow increasing their life cycle by replacing runners damaged by new parts without having to replace the complete unit. These models are widely used in sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, industrial or food and beverages among others. Available in sizes 1200 × 1000, 1200 × 800 and 800 × 600 mm.
  • Light or "one-way" pallets: The models of the range considered as light are those with the least weight within each size and are the most economical option. This type of pallets are recommended for exports of all types of products, for the transport and storage of goods where the € / kg factor carried is of vital importance or where the pallet is not going to be recovered ("one-way"). They are also widely used by the meat or fishing sector for use within their logistics circuits. The models with skids allow their use on roller paths, rack racks and the stacking of goods. Available in sizes 1200 × 1000 and 1200 × 800 mm (R-PP and R-HDPE), also 800 × 600 and 600 × 400 mm (R-PP).

Some examples of optimal pallets depending on the sector and their activity are shown below.

  • Reinforced nestable pallet with runners: This new and award-winning model is 42% lighter than a traditional pallet and brings together in the same product the two main advantages sought in plastic pallets. Its fitability allows for efficiencies in logistics and storage costs. And its metallic reinforcement guarantees an optimum behaviour in rack with high loads. It has corners adapted for optimal shrink wrapping, special area for labels and perimeter anti-impact. Recommended model for applications in which packaged or boxed items are transported, and high shelf strength is required. Available in 1200 × 800 mm sizes (versions with and without reinforcement).
  • Light pallet suitable for air cargo: This pallet 1200x1000mm has been specially designed with an optimized weight and height that makes it the ideal product for the air shipments of goods ("air freight shipments") or exports where it is charged for € / kg transported Allowing to obtain cost efficiencies. Its high reliability, one of the largest in the market, is another of its advantages since it allows the transport of more units per unit of load and reduction of space in the empty storage. Available in 1200 x 1000 mm sizes
Plastic reusable transport elements (RTEs) offer a longer product life cycle, better visual impact and reduce waste in the logistics circuit. In addition, another benefit of the plastic pallet is that they comply with sanitary regulations in food and do not require phytosanitary treatment for export or use in food environments.