And you, are you joining the change?

Published on 2020-10-23

The busy lifestyle that human beings have led for many, many years, has led us into an extremely difficult situation today. The overexploitation of resources, the pollution in the cities and the destruction of the ecosystems, which has taken place for so long, now demands from us, both society and all organizations, a great commitment to the environment. It’s for this reason that, in many sectors, products and organisations have taken a back seat and Corporate Social Responsibility has become fundamental as a means of contributing to the improvement of the planet.

Nortpalet reborns as Naeco

Since we started our adventure in the plastic sector more than 14 years ago, Nortpalet has always had the aim of providing more than just products for logistics and storage in its philosophy. Our goal was to manufacture plastic pallets, crates and containers from recycled plastic waste. In this way, we were able to collaborate and offer a solution to the disposal or burial of this waste and do our bit for the environment.

Over the years, Nortpalet has grown and served its purpose to the present day, where we have processed more than 90,000 tonnes of recycled plastic and manufactured 9.5 million pallets, the result of hard work of which we are very proud.

But despite all these achievements, we think that, as a company, it is time to go a little further. For this reason, Nortpalet has been reborn as Naeco, a new brand that has emerged with a renewed image and much more focused on a sustainable philosophy.

Naeco was created to strengthen its commitment to sustainability

And where does the name Naeco come from? Naeco means "Ocean" in reverse and is a clear signal to our intention to prevent plastic waste from being dumped in the oceans or in any natural environment, a problem that is increasingly worrying. In our case, we have developed a strategy based on the 3Rs; based on Recycling, Reuse and Reduction, concepts that we have been applying since the beginning of our activity.

In addition, at Naeco we are the first in our sector to create a Sustainability Ecolabel that is used to identify our products according to a sustainable criterion based on three variables (recycled, recyclable and/or repairable), in addition to the number of recycled containers that have been used to make one unit of the product. In this way, our customers are the ones who make their contribution to sustainability, since, with their purchase, they know the contribution they are making to the environment.

Another of our new products presented by Naeco is the "Nature Friendly" label, which identifies us as a company that offers sustainable logistics solutions that respect both the environment and nature, and which will accompany both our communications and our products.

Naeco is a company that was created to respond to what we believe is a need in today's society; to create companies and, in short, environments that are more aware of environmental problems, more committed and with the firm conviction that if we want to, together we can change the planet.


And you, are you joining the change?