3 Key reasons why the use of plastic pallets increases security in warehouses

Published on 2018-09-14

Injuries in the warehouse, especially sprains, are surprisingly common, due in part to the excessive weight of some equipment when it is handled and moved within the logistics area. In fact, it is usually something quite common, especially if you are still working with wooden pallets, since they are too heavy elements, even if they are empty and that can lead to serious muscle and back problems when they must be moved manually to proceed. to storage.

In addition, as we have already commented in previous posts, it is known that wooden pallets can easily cause injuries due to the fact that it is a material prone to rot, break and splinter, leaving as a consequence sharp edges, nails or loose boards, which can lead to , a real danger for the worker, if he does not move carefully. Ensuring safety is, therefore, one of the fundamental reasons when working with plastic pallets, since, compared to wooden ones, they are carefully designed to provide a safer and more robust alternative. Do you want to know the reasons? 

Why Plastic Pallets are safer for employees?

The first and most obvious safety advantage of a plastic pallet over a wooden one is its weight. A plastic pallet can weigh even half that of a traditional pallet (approximately 25 kilos). In addition, the plastic pallet has ergonomic zones, which facilitate the worker's manual handling and transport tasks within the warehouse, reducing not only his effort but also the possibility of injury.

But in addition to being a much lighter material than wood, plastic pallets also have other characteristics that make them safer for the worker. Do you want to know what they are? According to our Naeco, (previously Nortpalet) team, these would be some of the most outstanding benefits: 

1. Integrated Construction. Unlike wooden plank pallets, each part of a plastic pallet is fused together to create an integrated whole, meaning that this unified design prevents chipping or loosening of parts. In addition, they do not contain nails or sharp elements, and most importantly, dangerous debris inside the warehouse is eliminated, thus guaranteeing the protection of the employee against possible injuries.

2. Durability. The construction of a plastic pallet and the strength of the material make it more durable and that allows, for example, to make between 80 and 100 trips compared to the 15 or 20 that wooden pallets make as a result of their fragile nature. These data are estimates and / or based on the experiences of our clients. The results in terms of laps in a circuit vary depending on the type of circuit, loads, handling, etc. However, the result of the turns of a plastic pallet is substantially improved compared to a traditional one.

3. Stable and uniform boards. The stability of the material makes a plastic pallet deform with humidity or the passage of time. This guarantees that, when empty stacking them one on top of the other, they do not catch between them, putting the worker at risk when he tries to grab the pallet from the top or when he needs to step on it. Therefore, the plastic pallet becomes a much safer logistics element than traditional pallets. 


In general, the use of plastic pallets within the supply chain, poses much less risk for the worker. Being a much lighter, stronger and, above all, more consistent material, it guarantees greater safety, not only for the employee, but also for the general security of the entire logistics area of ​​the company.

The absence of debris, a common drawback of wooden pallets, helps prevent employee injuries and mishaps, which leads to not only feeling safer in your work environment, but also feeling much more animated , at ease, with higher morale, and consequently less stressed. A very important factor that ends up indirectly benefiting the company by achieving, through these advantages, inherent to the plastic pallet, saving time and above all money.

And your company has already switched to the plastic pallet? If the safety of your human team is your priority and you have not yet decided to take the step, do not hesitate, the use of this material within the warehouse is one of the safest logistics solutions for both your entity and your employees.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the high quality and the wide variety of plastic pallets that exist depending on your needs, the Naeco, (previously Nortpalet)team can offer you absolutely personalized advice and all the information without obligation that you require, let's talk?